5 First Experiences in Iceland You Should Not Miss

First Experiences In Iceland

Iceland is definitely one of these countries when planning the trip to, you have no idea where to start. It is full of attractions and surprises. There are many things you should see and you would not like to miss the best of it. For that reason, I will prepare a list of 5 First Experiences In Iceland You Should Not Miss.

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First Experiences In Iceland

  1. Eat a hot- dog.

There is a very big chance that the best hot-dogs can be found in Iceland. Here we call them plylsur which basically can be translated as sausage. Everyone should try it when travelling around Iceland. Bæjarins beztu pylsur is a hot dog stand near the Reykjavik harbour. It was recognized by the British newspaper The Guardian as the second best fast food booth in Europe. Icelandic people say there must be something in the water that makes them so special and what’s more important- so delicious.

  1. Play with the stones on one of the many black sand beaches.

Pouring small, rounded pebbles is a real pleasure. You should sit down on the shore of the ocean and play with the little stones. I should warn you that is is as addictive as a bubble wrap. The most beautiful black beach can be found around Hofn behinf Eastern Fjors. This is definitely one of the First Experiences In Iceland You Should Not Miss.

  1. Find a seal on a Jokulsarlon lake.

One of the must see place in Iceland is Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon. For a moment you can feel there as you were really in Antarctica. I always thought that the lagoon’s landscape could only be seen in geography textbooks. We can though see it directly in this glacier lagoon.

First Experiences In Iceland

The challange though is not admiring the ice flowing but to find a seal. When the weather is good they are usually having bath and some nap on the ice floes around the lake. When you take a tour on the glacier you need to spot at least one seal! There is nothing more adorable.

  1. Have a bath in a hot spring.

Iceland is definitely a home for hot springs. Hot tubs and pools are very famous here and very common. Having a bath in a hot spring should be definitely on your list of First Experiences in Iceland You Should Not Miss. There is nothing more relaxing than having a dip in warm water when outside is quite chilly. I would especially recommend you to do that in a hot spring next to Landmannalaugar after some trekking time spent in the mountains.

  1. Buy a lopapeysa.

Everyone needs a souvenir from each trip that we make. The best one you could ever get from Iceland is lopapeysa – a traditional woolen sweater made by knitting. Lopapeysa is not an ordinary sweater. It is someting extraordinary, a peculiar landmark of Iceland. It is not only charming but also a practical thing to have. Straight when you put it on you immediately get warm nice and fluffy. That is definitely one of the First Experience You Should Have In Iceland.

First Experiences In Iceland

5 First Experiences in Iceland You Should Have

Those are just 5 First Experiences In Iceland You Should Not Miss however, there are much more things you can do. The best idea is to find out what those are on your own. For now, read our list and enjoy your time in Iceland experiencing the best trip in your life!

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