Discover a New Experience With Seal Watching in Iceland

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The wealth of Iceland is obviously its unique nature, mainly landscapes you will not see anywhere else. However, its richness is also in variety of animals and birds that exist here. Puffins and sheeps are not the only species that inspire admiration and are the goal of tourists. Seals, though modest and inconspicuous, arouse much admiration and many tourists are devoted to searching for them. Seal Watching In Iceland became very popular lately and we will have a closer look at this. Where, when? We will now find out in this post.

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Seal Watching Iceland

Seals have inhabited the shores of Iceland for centuries. They established their colonies there and Iceland became their reproduction and shelter center. Cold and fauna-rich waters, stony and uninhabited coastal areas made the develop the colony of seals possible.

North Iceland is mainly associated with whale watching but there is another attraction here. Of course we mean Seals Watching in Iceland. Hvammstangi and its surroundings are a place where the probability of meeting them is very high. It is the only urban center in the area inhabited only by about 600 people. Formerly it was an important commercial center. Currently, the main occupation of the inhabitants is the service of the developing tourist movement.

There is a research center here on seals with an exhibition dedicated to them. It is really very interesting and people working there will be happy to tell you all the stories they know about the city and the seals. You will be also shown a short movie on how the seals are managed in Iceland.

The rocky coast of Vatnsnes has become fond of numerous colonies of seals and these are the main advantages of this area. It is like magnet attracting thousands of tourists who wish to come to Seal watching in Iceland.

Seal Watching Iceland

You can go to the coast on your own and try to spot them, it shouldn’t be difficult. There are many of them laying on the coast and relaxing.

You can also choose the easier way to meet them. There is a boat tour for seal watching in Iceland available from Hvammstangi. The team will do their best to help you spot the seals. You will get the binoculars and a waterproof coat in case of a rain. The rain will not scare them out so we need to be tough as well. It is definitely worth even getting a bit chilly as you will get marvelous photos.

Another place you can get to know those beautiful and unique creatures is Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon. When the weather is in favor, you can find them playing and resting on the icebergs. Photographers often immortalize these animals, surrounded by crystal ice which lies scattered on a black beach called ‘diamond’. The guide from the boat will make sure to be careful not to scare the seals when approaching and will find the best position for you to be able to take a nice picture of your new friends.

Seal Watching Iceland

Discover a New Experience With Seal Watching in Iceland

Seals, however are not easy to observe as they can be quite shy, they are a very interesting animal in Iceland. You cannot end up your trip in Iceland without seeing geyser, eating a hot dog and observing seals. We do wish you a very good luck and a great seal hunting!

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