Best Campervan Rental Companies in Iceland

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Traveling through Iceland in a campervan offers an unparalleled experience, allowing you to explore the breathtaking landscapes at your own pace. Whether you’re planning a summer road trip around the Ring Road or a winter expedition to see the Northern Lights, a campervan gives you the freedom to create your own adventure. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you find the best campervan rental in Iceland, ensuring your trip is both comfortable and memorable.

Best car rental in Iceland
What Are The Best Campervan Rental Companies In Iceland?

Why choose a campervan for your Iceland adventure?

Renting a campervan in Iceland comes with numerous benefits:

Freedom and flexibility

One of the most significant advantages of choosing a campervan for your Iceland adventure is the freedom and flexibility it provides. Unlike traditional hotel stays, a campervan allows you to alter your travel plans spontaneously. If you discover a hidden gem or an unexpected event along your route, you can easily change your itinerary to accommodate these new experiences.

This flexibility is particularly beneficial in Iceland, where the weather can be unpredictable, and having the option to move at your own pace ensures a more relaxed and enjoyable trip. Additionally, campervans enable you to explore remote areas that may be inaccessible or impractical to reach if you were bound by hotel reservations, offering a more intimate encounter with Iceland’s stunning natural landscapes.

Winter Driving With One Of Iceland'S Best Campervan Rental Companies


Traveling in a campervan can be a cost-effective way to explore Iceland. By combining transportation and accommodation into one, you save on the high costs associated with hotel stays and rental cars. Moreover, most campervans come equipped with basic kitchen facilities, allowing you to prepare your own meals.

This can significantly reduce your expenses on dining out, which can be quite high in Iceland. Grocery shopping and cooking your own food also gives you the opportunity to experience local Icelandic products and cuisine in a more personal and budget-friendly manner.

Unique experience

Opting for a campervan rental in Iceland promises a unique experience that traditional travel methods simply cannot match. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing on a black sand beach, or the serene silence of a secluded mountain valley. Sleeping in a campervan lets you immerse yourself in Iceland’s breathtaking scenery, offering a front-row seat to nature’s wonders.

Whether it’s witnessing the Northern Lights from your cozy bed or enjoying a sunrise over a glacier, these experiences are made possible by the mobility and convenience of a campervan. This mode of travel encourages a deeper connection with the environment, fostering unforgettable memories of your Icelandic adventure.

Best Campervan Rental Companies in Iceland

CompanyCampervan IcelandMotorhome IcelandCamper Rental IcelandGo CampersKuku Campers
Type of vehicleCampervan/MotorhomesCampervan/MotorhomesCampervan/MotorhomesCampervan/MotorhomesCampervan/Motorhomes
FleetView fleetView fleetView fleetView fleetView fleet
Price rangeMediumMediumLowHighMedium
CommoditiesKitchen, bathroom, heatingKitchen, bathroom, heatingKitchen, bathroom, heatingKitchen, bathroom, heatingKitchen, bathroom, heating
Mileage includedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Roadside assistanceIncluded 24/7Included 24/7Included 24/7Included 24/7Included 24/7

Campervan Iceland Is One Of Iceland'S Best Campervan Rental Companies
Image: Campervan Iceland

Top 3: Best Campervan Rental Companies in Iceland

Campervan Iceland

As the market leader, Campervan Iceland has been helping travelers take the trip of a lifetime for many years. Not only that, but they have the popular VW California model. With an expandable roof tent, this is probably one of the cooler options for driving around Iceland during your camping trip. And with high quality, 24/7 telephone assistance, you’re always covered in case of an emergency. Make your hippie road trip dreams come true with Campervan Iceland.

Campervan Iceland

Motorhome Iceland

Motorhome Iceland is a premier motorhome rental company, known for its excellent service and extensive vehicle selection. Their user-friendly website simplifies the booking process, making it easy to reserve your ideal motorhome. With a range of six motorhome models and various sizes, they cater to all travel needs. Motorhome Iceland also offers 4×4 vehicles perfect for exploring Iceland’s rugged Highland F-roads. Customers appreciate the competitive prices and outstanding customer service, making Motorhome Iceland a top choice for a seamless and memorable Icelandic adventure.

Motorhome Iceland

Camper Rental Iceland

This family-owned camper rental company is another one of Iceland’s best. Their easy-to-use website and straightforward booking process make reserving your campervan a breeze. In addition, they have five different campervan models and six motorhomes to choose from. They’ve also got some 4×4 campervans for F-road travel in the Highlands. You’ll get a great price and even better customer service from Camper Rental Iceland.  

Camper Rental Iceland

How to choose the right campervan

When selecting a campervan rental, consider the following factors:

  • Group size: Ensure the van comfortably accommodates all travelers.
  • Season: Opt for vans with proper heating and insulation for winter travel.
  • Amenities: Decide if you need a van with a kitchen, toilet, or shower.
  • Budget: Compare prices and look for discounts or special offers.

Tips for renting a campervan in Iceland

1. Book early

To secure the best rates and availability, book your campervan well in advance, especially for summer travel.

2. Check for inclusions

Ensure your rental includes necessary items such as bedding, kitchen utensils, and insurance.

3. Plan your route

While spontaneity is great, having a rough itinerary helps in finding campsites and fuel stops.

4. Be weather prepared

Icelandic weather can be unpredictable. Pack accordingly and ensure your van is equipped for all conditions.

5. Respect the environment

Follow local guidelines for camping and waste disposal to preserve Iceland’s pristine landscapes.

Exploring Iceland in a campervan

With your campervan ready, here are some must-see destinations:

Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is one of Iceland’s most popular tourist routes, featuring stunning natural attractions like Gullfoss waterfall, the Geysir geothermal area, and Thingvellir National Park. This route is perfect for a day trip or a leisurely two-day journey in your campervan.

South Coast

The South Coast of Iceland offers a diverse array of landscapes, from black sand beaches like Reynisfjara to the majestic waterfalls of Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and the nearby Diamond Beach, where icebergs wash ashore.

Ring Road

For a comprehensive tour of Iceland, the Ring Road (Route 1) is a must. This 1,332-kilometer route circles the entire country, taking you through charming towns, serene fjords, volcanic landscapes, and lush green fields. Key stops include Akureyri, the capital of the North, and the Eastfjords’ stunning scenery.


The Westfjords are one of Iceland’s most remote and beautiful regions, offering dramatic cliffs, hot springs, and quaint fishing villages. Highlights include the spectacular Dynjandi waterfall and the bird cliffs of Látrabjarg.

Essential packing list for your campervan adventure

To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip, make sure to pack these essentials:

  • Warm clothing: Iceland’s weather can be unpredictable, so bring layers, including thermal underwear, waterproof jackets, and sturdy boots.
  • Sleeping gear: Although many campervans provide bedding, it’s wise to bring extra blankets or sleeping bags, especially for winter travel.
  • Cooking supplies: Basic kitchen utensils, a portable stove, and non-perishable food items are crucial for preparing meals on the go.
  • Navigation tools: A reliable GPS device or maps to help you navigate Iceland’s sometimes tricky roads.
  • Safety equipment: First aid kit, emergency blankets, and a flashlight with extra batteries.
  • Personal care items: Toiletries, biodegradable soap, and quick-dry towels.

Iceland’s Best Campervan Rental Companies

While the campervan rental market Iceland is a bit saturated, these are five companies that we know to be top quality. You won’t go wrong if you book with one of them. If you’d like more ideas about planning your Iceland camping trip, please feel free to browse our selection of articles using the search icon. Another website we recommend is, which has lots of in-depth, practical information for anyone thinking about traveling around the island in a campervan, motorhome, or with a tent. Happy camping!

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