Best Campervan Rental Companies in Iceland

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I can’t think of a better vacation than packing up a campervan and taking a road trip around Iceland’s Ring Road. You’ve got a home on four wheels, your closest companion (or companions!) and you’re ready to hit the open road. The adventures that await you, from glacier hikes on Vatnajökull to the majestic Northern Lights or the neverending Midnight Sun, will become memories that will last a lifetime. Before you set off, you have to make a significant decision: what vehicle do you rent? Knowing which companies offer the most competitive prices, wide selection, and most outstanding customer service for your campervan rental is imperative. Let’s look at the best campervan rental companies in Iceland. We’ve listened to what their customers had to say and even took a peek on Google Reviews. Your vehicle will be home base during your trip, so make sure you choose the right one.

Best car rental in Iceland

What Are The Best Campervan Rental Companies In Iceland?

What to Look For in a Campervan Rental

While most people think that cost is the final determining factor, it’s not the whole story. Price is important, but not all quoted campervan rental prices are created equal. Some include additional insurance, and some don’t. See if your quote includes SCDW, GP, and SAAP coverage in addition to legally-mandated CDW insurance. It’s important to mention that added car insurance isn’t considered a scam here the way it is in other places. I know I personally opt out of the insurance when I rent a vehicle abroad. But Iceland is different. Extreme weather compounded with unfamiliar road and driving conditions make things much more unpredictable than what you’re used to. You’ll want to get these types of extra insurance coverage for peace of mind. Factor in this expense when determining the real bottom line of your campervan rental price quote.

Things like customer service and reputation are equally important. You’ll want to choose a company that has good word of mouth. Take time to check read the reviews online. If there is a consistent trend of satisfied clients with well-maintained vehicles, you know you’re in good hands. Even great companies will receive a bad review here or there due to miscommunication or people who will find any reason to complain. As long as most of what you’re reading online is positive, it should be fine.

Lastly, dealing with courteous customer service agents is also extremely important. If heaven forbid, there’s a problem with your rental or you have some sort of issue, you’ll want to speak to dependable, swift, patient, action-oriented customer service representatives. You’ll need their help at a crucial time, so make sure you’re talking to someone you can trust in an emergency.

Best Campervan Rental Companies in Iceland – Campervan Iceland

As the market leader, Campervan Iceland has been helping travelers take the trip of a lifetime for many years. Not only that, but they have the popular VW California model. With an expandable roof tent, this is probably one of the cooler options for driving around Iceland during your camping trip. And with high quality, 24/7 telephone assistance, you’re always covered in case of an emergency. Make your hippie road trip dreams come true with Campervan Iceland.

Campervan Iceland Is One Of Iceland'S Best Campervan Rental Companies
Image: Campervan Iceland

Best Campervan Rental Companies in Iceland – Go Campers

Another one of Iceland’s top campervan rental companies, Go Campers has a streamlined booking process. They have several different campervan types available, ranging from 2-person campers to ones that accommodate up to five. Their customer reviews both on their website and off show people who are happy with their rental.

Best Campervan Rental Companies in Iceland – Camper Rental Iceland

This family-owned camper rental company is another one of Iceland’s best. Their easy-to-use website and straightforward booking process make reserving your campervan a breeze. In addition, they have five different campervan models and six motorhomes to choose from. They’ve also got some 4×4 campervans for F-road travel in the Highlands. You’ll get a great price and even better customer service from Camper Rental Iceland.  

Best Campervan Rental Companies in Iceland – CampEasy

CampEasy does something that I really like. They know the dangers and special circumstances surrounding driving in Iceland in winter. If you rent with them during this time, after you pick up your vehicle they put you through an hour-long orientation known as explorer training. I find this to be a really nice touch. It’s a great way to learn many of the tips and tricks you may not be familiar with when driving in Iceland, especially in the winter. It shows they really care about their customers (and their rental vehicles) and is the perfect forum to have all of your navigation questions answered.

Winter Driving With One Of Iceland'S Best Campervan Rental Companies

Best Campervan Rental Companies in Iceland – Campers Reykjavik

An enthusiastic little company, Campers Reykjavik will help you plan your Iceland camping trip from beginning to end. In addition to providing your four-wheel ticket to adventure, they’ll also help you with suggestions for everything from itineraries to the best places to eat and shop to where to rent camping equipment. Any questions you have, they are there to answer, just like your own personal genie in a bottle. As with our other favorite camper rental companies, they’ve got low prices and a high level of customer support.

Iceland’s Best Campervan Rental Companies

While the campervan rental market Iceland is a bit saturated, these are five companies that we know to be top quality. You won’t go wrong if you book with one of them. If you’d like more ideas about planning your Iceland camping trip, please feel free to browse our selection of articles using the search icon. Another website we recommend is, which has lots of in-depth, practical information for anyone thinking about traveling around the island in a campervan, motorhome, or with a tent. Happy camping!

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