The Top 5: Best Acommodation And Hotels In Akureyri

Hotels In Akureyri

Akureyri is also known as the capital of the north. If you happen to be traveling to this beautiful city, set in an amazing fjord, then you might be looking for a place to stay. Just like in any area of Iceland, the hospitality industry is still developing and you need to be aware of the options available. That is why we created this article with the best hotels in Akureyri. This way, quality and a good service will be guaranteed!

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Hotel In Akureyri

Aukeyri has approximately 17.000 inhabitants, so for visitors, it is more a small town than a city itself. But if you have never been to Iceland before, you will quickly notice that we really do not have many “big cities”. Besides Reykjavik, Akureyri would probably be the only large city that is not within the Reykjavik area or suburbs. Akureyri is located in the north of Iceland and is located directly on the shores of the fjord Eyjafjörður and the river Glerá. So knowing where the best hotels in Akureyri are located, is probably a must at this point!

The city might not be huge but it surely is full of surprises, charm and it is indeed alive. If you are planning to add Akureyri as a stop for your trip, here you have our top 5 best hotels in Akureyri:

Icelandair Hotel Akureyri

The hotel is located right in the city center. Clients love its modern style and facilities.

What we love the most about this accommodation, besides the services it offers, is how close it is to the ski area. Just about 5 kilometers away from the hotel. Ski passes and tickets are available at the reception desk. And if you do not want to take your ski up to the room, do not worry, they got ski storage!

It has family rooms, free Wi-Fi, restaurant, free camping among other services.

Hotel Kea by Kea hotels

Hotels In Akureyri

Also located right in the heart of the city. Right by the main church of the city. Which by the way, you should not miss!

The hotel is comfortable with clean and cozy rooms. Besides its accommodation services, you can also supplement a Northern Lights tour to your stay.

If you are feeling hungry, then you can head off to their Múlaberg Bistro & Bar, with an exquisite menu and a fine environment.

Hotel Edda Akureyri

The hotel is Approximately at 700 meters from the city center and 2.7 kilometers from the airport.

It offers a great outdoor pool with geothermal water and hot tubs. This way you can also live the Icelandic geothermal experience! Free parking, WIFI and nonsmoking rooms are offered.  It is worth of being in out best hotels in Akureyri list!

Be sure not to miss the gardens nearby! It is a nice place to have a walk!

Skjaldarvík Guesthouse

Do not be pushed back to the “guesthouse” title. It is a visitor’s favorite!

Breakfast is included in the price, rooms are spacious, cozy and welcoming. But probably its main attraction is the amazing views you got from the hostel. The building is right on the shore of the fjord, so now you can imagine how breathtaking the landscape is!

Hotels In Akureyri

The Top 5: Best Acommodation And Hotels In Akureyri

Pearl of the North Apartments

This one is a best value of the best hotels in Akureyri. Located in a quiet residential area in the city center of Akureyri, the apartments are well designed spacious and quite private.

Clients usually love how convenient its location is, how clean and comfortable their rooms are. Also, you can add some tours or outdoor activities to your stay if needed.

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