The Most Beautiful Places to Enjoy Nature In North Iceland

Nature In North Iceland

North part of Iceland is made up of beautiful mountain terrains, incredible hiking trails and glaciers. You can also find here many waterfalls including Dettifoss, one of the richest in energy throughout Europe. Akureyri is the biggest city of this region and it is vibrant and modern. North Iceland is a very attractive destination regardless of the season. It is less touristy, harder to access for sure and less appreciated. Today’s article is all about this region and the most beautiful places for Nature In North Iceland.

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Nature In North Iceland


The Capital of Northern Iceland, the second largest metropolitan area in Iceland, just after Reykjavik and metropolitan cities around. This town is inhabited only by eighteen thousand inhabitants and yet it holds the title of cultural capital of the northern regions of Iceland. It only became alike a city quite late because only at the beginning of XX century. There is also a small airport with a runway surrounded by water which gives an incredible view of plane’s take-off. Akureyri has a lot to offer, there are many museums here, many souvenir shops, great swimming pool and a very interesting architecture. Given that the town is tiny, it is surrounded by beautiful Fjords. You can easily walk there to enjoy Nature In North Iceland.

Lake Myvatn

Myvatn is a lake enchanting with blue water and a multitude of birds living there. It was created by the eruption of the volcano about 2000 years ago. Its whole area is full of natural attractions that you can reach by car or walk. After having a dip in the lake, you can walk to the top of the Vindvelgur mountain or Hiðarfjall from where you can see the nearby volcanic crater, Dimmuborgir and also visit the geothermal Hverir.

Nature In North Iceland


Hvevir is a vast area full of geothermal springs. There are smoky craters and bubbling mud of over 80 degrees. It is very important not to do any off road driving. If you do not follow them, you may encounter several, very dangerous zone. To avoid severe accidents, respect this rule. You will know when as soon as you get closer to Hvevir by the smell. Those who already went there, can confirm.


Dimmuborgir can be compared to gloomy castles. Those are lava formations with caves, vents and ravines. Those were formed by the outbreak of the Thrergslaborgir volcano. The area of Dimmuborgir is quite extensive. You can choose the short route or the longer one which would take around and hour or two. This is a perfect place to walk around in a sunny day. It is very peaceful and relaxing. If you are lucky, you might be able to find a cave of our Yule lads. Please remember not no touch or misplace their stuff left there. We do not want to make them nervous just before Christmas time!

Nature In North Iceland

The Most Beautiful Places to Enjoy Nature In North Iceland


The most powerful waterfall in Europe. One might not believe it until he saw it. You can not only hear its power but also feel it. The water flowing through Dettifoss does a real hell here. This is simply amazing when you stand next to the waterfall and look down and the only thing you can see is the falling water, splashing over the rocky canyon. Falling water puts the surrounding rocks into vibrations. You can feel it by touching it. You can feel the power of nature and pure energy. Probably a pearl of the Nature In North Iceland.

Regardless of the season, the northern part of Iceland is a very attractive destination. You cannot miss it!

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