Many people that have not heard about Iceland before think of us a dark cold place. I cannot say we are exactly the warmest one, but light is a different kind of story. Being honest, there is a trick to it, but I am not going to reveal the secret just yet! Get to know about the midnight sun in Iceland.

Midnight Sun in Iceland

It is true that due to Iceland’s location, so close to the North Pole, we should be as cold as ice. And also as dark as a pitch black night for most of the year. Actually the reality is far from that. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Iceland has a warmer climate. I mean, it is not like we are a Caribbean Iceland close to the pole, but reaching up to 20º is Summer is not that bad, right? In the case of light, what most people do not know is, it depends on the season as well. During the winter season we get about 4-5 hours of day light. That surely lives up to the cliché. But, during the summer time we can get up to 20h of day light per day. Boom! I bet you did not expect that.

How come we get so many hours of sun light? Well, let’s get nerdy. This phenomenon is called Midnight Sun in Iceland. As you all, my beloved readers, should know; the earth’s axis is not in a centered position but in a tilted one. For those territories close to the pole, the sun just never goes below the horizon.

Midnight Sun in Iceland

Yes, that is right, never-ending days, no nights! But do not get too excited just yet. It does not mean we have a full bright sun all day long. At the latest hours of the midnight sun in Iceland, the light is sort of like the one you see before the twilight. A dim and faint one but still useful for those who wish to take advantage of their hours in Iceland.

For visitors and travelers, it can be a great experience and a favorable condition. However, it can also confuse your internal body clock. This may cause insomnia and tiredness that will for sure affect your daily routine. We Icelanders are used to it; we even love it after a long dark winter! Of course we have curtains at home but I would recommend you to bring a sleeping mask. This way, you can pretend to have dark nights and fool your body and brain!

Midnight Sun in Iceland

Midnight Sun in Iceland – The Sun That Never Sets

Midnight sun only occurs during the summer time, as we mentioned before. This season varies depending on your location. In our case, we are in the northern hemisphere so summer time takes place during: June, July and August. The later the month the more daylight hours decreases until the winter gets back in. The downside to the midnight sun in Iceland is you will not be able to see the Northern Lights. You need to have dark nights and in summer it is pretty much impossible.

Weight in what you aim for when visiting Iceland. Winter does not have as much daylight but it is also a charming season with fantastic nature shows as the Aurora Borealis. Whatever season you come, we will welcome you, arms wide open!

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