Day Tours in Iceland: Best Places in Iceland for a Day Off!

Day Tours In Iceland

Coming to Iceland open up many windows to such a huge variety of activities. Sometimes it can even be overwhelming, as we all want to do a lot in a short period if time. I am well aware that not many people have weeks to spend in Iceland. So, sometimes you need to set your priorities and try to make the most out of your tight schedule. That is why I believe this article can be quite useful. Here you have some of the best day tours in Iceland. Tight schedules will not bring us down!

Best car rental in Iceland

Iceland is a tiny country, but the leisure offers, sightseeing spots and beautiful villages make it impossible to visit them all. At least not in just a week…and that is basically the average period of time most travelers have for their holidays. Keeping this in mind, planning your trip and learning what comes first is a must. This is when knowing about day tours in Iceland would be just right.

Day Tours In Iceland

Why are day tours in Iceland that useful? Well, regardless of how you decide to make them, with a tour company or on your own. They allow to visit areas or places that are a good sample of what Iceland is all about. Besides places, there are also some activities that can only be done here or are not that common anywhere else. Here you have some highlighted ones:

Golden Circle:

By know you should already know what the Golden Circle is and its location. If not, I highly recommend you to visit our articles about it. Once you gathered all the basic information, you will understand that this area is a great one to discover many things at one. Icelandic history with the parliament of Thingvellir, Icelandic geography with the Silfra fissure. Of course, Icelandic rare nature with the impressive geyser.

Impressive, right? Well, to top it all, this tour can be done in just one day and each spot is close by driving distance. This is just the first stop on our day tours in Iceland list.


This breathtaking location in the Icelandic Highlands should be a must for nature lovers. The multicolor mountains are amazing! And after a long trekking day through the area, you will be able to learn about Icelandic culture. How? Well, geothermal bathing! We Icelanders cannot go without it.

Day Tours In Iceland

Thorsmork Valley:

Thorsmork is nothing but the valley of Thor. And if it is owned by a god itself, it must be a great place. Cannot be otherwise. This valley will captivate you: rivers flowing, beautiful mountains, volcanos, magnificent canyons…It cries “Iceland”!

Askja Caldera:

Located in the north of Iceland, this is probably one of the rawest areas of Iceland. If you are lucky enough to get to the north side of the island, then visit Askja. The area looks like you just stepped into another world. Colors, rock formation and nature is probably a type you have never seen before.

Day Tours In Iceland

Day tours in Iceland: Best places In Iceland for a day off!

Whale, puffin, seal watching tours:

These are also a great option to get to know Iceland’s fauna. These day tours in Iceland are mostly available in the south coast and some of them also in the North.

These tours are usually guided as you do need a professional to take you to designated areas. They will share information about the animal’s behavior and environment. All of this in a fun and educational way!

For those areas where you can head on your own, be sure to check if you need a 4×4 or a 2WD vehicle will do. Road conditions are updated an available by the official Iceland traffic agency online. We all love to have fun but safety always comes first!

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