Thorsmork Day Tour – What to See and Do

Thorsmork Day Tour

Iceland is a great hiking destination; of that I am sure. The topic to this post came to my mind when a friend of mine wrote me an E-mail. She told me how sad she was because she could not go hiking because “omg Landmannalaugar is closed during my holidays” and I thought and what about Thórsmörk? Maybe people who are not “professional hikers” just do not know about this great location, so here is my Thorsmork Day Tour What to see and to do post. You learn something new every day!

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Thorsmork Day Tour

Thórsmörk is a mountain ridge in the South area of Iceland. It is close to Eyjafjallajökull…wait, what? Eyjafjallajökull, that crazy volcano that kept blocked Europe off for weeks. Its ashes draft across the continent creating a flight chaos. Do you remember it now? I guess after all of this years it is still hard to pronounce. I just could not help but mention it in our Thorsmork Day Tour- What to see and to do article.

Back to the main topic… Thórsmörk is quite famous among hiking lovers. Although it is the name of the mountain ridge alone, nowadays people use it to name the valley area between the Eyjafjallajökull and the Tindfjallajökull glacier. Its name comes from the god of Thunder in the old Norse mythology: Thor.

It is a volcanic area that the nature forces shaped and formed long ago. At the end of the canyon you will be able to see a beautiful waterfall too. Do you want to enjoy it? Well here you have our Thorsmork Day Tour- What to see and to do ideas:

Thorsmork Day Tour

What to visit

Please bear in mind that to get to this area on your own, you will have to drive on F-Roads so a 4×4 vehicle is compulsory as you will have to ford some rivers and streams.

  • Seljalandsfoss: Before reaching Thórsmörk, we recommend you to stop at Seljalandsfoss waterfall. It is on the way to the valley and it stunning. Behind the waterfall there is a cave so you can literally walk behind it.
  • Stakkholtsgjá: Now we are already in Thórsmörk. This is a 2km long and 100m deep canyon. It is a great hiking route. You even get to cross some streams on foot.
  • Gígjökull: This glacier belongs to the volcano Eyjafjallajökull volcano. Pieces of ice float away to the Markarfljot river.

What to do

  • Hiking: As we stated before, this is probably the main activity to do in Thórsmörk. There are short and long hiking trails, all of them are quite famous among the locals.
  • ATV tour: You do not feel like walking too much? No problem at all! You can join a ATV tour and combine sightseeing with this awesome experience.
  • Airplane tour: Tired of hiking? Riding on an ATV is just not your thing. Well if you just do not wish to keep your feet on the ground, in this Thorsmork Day Tour- What to see and to do we have options for everyone! There are 30 minutes’ fly tours departing from Bakki airport.

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Thorsmork Day Tour – What to See and Do

Where to eat

Whatever activity you chose form this this Thorsmork Day Tour- What to see and to do article, the result will be the same for everyone: hunger. So if you feel like recovering your energy, you can go to LavaGrill Restaurant & Bar. Here food is served until 21:30. Remember to check the schedule for each meal!

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