Mind Blowing Packing Tips for Your Iceland Trip

Packing Tips For Your Iceland Trip

Oh packing… Not everyone’s favorite activity. Whenever I am preparing for a trip, I wish I could go back to being a little girl again. Why? Well, I would have my mom packing up my suitcases for me. Oh those lovely days! But I am afraid we are all grown up now and we need to face the huge responsibility of packing our own stuff (I am on a roll here…) It never gets easy, I know. That is why I have some mind blowing Packing Tips for your Iceland Trip. Let’s keep the drama at bay!

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Packing Tips For Your Iceland Trip

I am sorry guys but whoever wants the pleasure, must endure the pain. Do you want to have an amazing holiday and travel around the world? Well you must pack up. Unless of course, you can afford buying new stuff wherever you go… not me. Truth is, if we keep some tricks in mind, the whole process can be smoother. Follow these packing tips for your Iceland trip, they are indeed helpful:

  1. Discover Packing Cubes

They are some travel accessories made of fabric that look like square bags with zips. They come in different sizes and believe me, they help so much in keeping everything organized, they are amazing! The main advantage of them, is that you can have different sections: underwear, pants, shirts, scurf…etc. This way, if you just want to take a scarf out, you will be aware of where it is exactly. You will not make a mess and everything will remain in place.

  1. Less Folding More Rolling

My mom is a profession roller. If Tetris was all about rolling, she’d be the master champion of that game. Sadly, I did not get the same skills but I am trying! And every time I do, I notice the difference. It is a great Packing Tips for your Iceland Trip! It saves up space and reduce wrinkles.

Packing Tips For Your Iceland Trip

Just lay out your clothes out flat and begin to roll your way up. When setting them in your suitcase, do just like you would at Tetris. Make sure everything is tight so clothes will not unroll. I heard this is the way they pack at the Army…if so, it must be a damn good way, right? If not, then they should start doing it.

  1. Ziplock bags

I just love them. The greatest invention in humanity history right after the wheel. Be sure to use these bags for cosmetics, hair products, jewelry…etc. Besides being a great method for keeping everything in order, in case of spilling it will not stain your clothes.

Using a bit of plastic wrap can prevent your shampoo or other creams from spilling.

  1. Bulky clothes

They will take up most of your luggage space. If possible, wear them on. Do not forget about shoes as well. Try to keep them at the bottom of your suitcase and cover the sole with a shower cap or plastic bag. This way you can forget about getting your clothes or packing cubes dirty.

Packing Tips For Your Iceland Trip

Mind Blowing Packing Tips for Your Iceland Trip

And probably the best advice I can give in this Packing Tips for your Iceland Trip, is: you are just heading to Iceland for a holiday not to stay. There is no need to pack up as if you were moving out. Be rational, choose what is indeed necessary and what can be left behind. Less stuff, less stress!

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