When traveling to a different country, it is important to know what the weather is like. Bringing the right clothing to Iceland is the top list for sure. That is why we created this article. We want to help those who are interested in visiting our country. How to dress in Iceland will be a piece of cake after reading this, you will see.

How To Dress In Iceland

First of all, it is very important to know Iceland´s geographical location. As this hugely affects the weather conditions. it is situated in the North Atlantic Ocean and its climate is subarctic. Iceland is actually not as cold as it should be but the weather is still very changeable. Bear in mind it can vary many times in a single day. From being sunny and nice in the morning to cloudy and cold in the afternoon and windy at night. Unstable is probably the word that better describes it.

Many factors will have to be considered when you choose how to dress in Iceland and packing up. Such as the season of the year, temperature and your daily plans. This implies to know what you are going to visit, how long are you going to be away from your accommodation, etc.

Being the weather so unpredictable, it would be a brilliant idea to bring a good range of clothing. The most important factor is the season of the year you are visiting Iceland. Winters are mild only in some areas, the south average around 0º, and the highlands around -10º. People think Iceland is mostly covered with snow, but actually it is not, it is more on the windy side. Summers are nice and cool with an average of 10º. But as I mentioned, the weather in Iceland is unpredictable so keep this in mind and try packing a bit of everything. People usually visit Iceland for adventure, so you should bring comfortable and practical clothes.

How To Dress In Iceland

Thermal clothing is fundamental. I usually wear layers to make sure I stay warm by wearing thermal clothes underneath. That way you can always look fashionable but nice and cozy.

The waterproof concept is also important, I would opt for waterproof jackets, trousers and boots. Using umbrellas is not very useful in Iceland because of the wind, you would finally leave the umbrella at home. Or basically broken in a trash can. You should keep warm and dry especially if you are going on hikes. Wearing waterproof hiking boots is a must. Wool jumpers and accessories are also welcome. Wearing this is a nice, way to be fancy and stay warm. Icelanders usually wear this type of clothing; it is like a national symbol.

How To Dress In Iceland

How To Dress In Iceland – A Guide For All Seasons

The typical Icelandic one has a very cool design with patterns around the neck. Icelandic wool is of high quality; they are usually handmade with natural materials. Funny fact is that it is also water repellent. I would definitely make sure to wear some kind of shirt underneath in case you feel hot when you are indoors, as all the establishments are heated.

After all these warm and cozy items, I just mentioned to know how to dress in Iceland, it is also essential to bring with you a swimsuit. I am sure you will be fascinated and willing to jump right in the Blue Lagoon.

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