Old and New Reykjavik Harbor: Trading And Touristic Point

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The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, has a huge harbor area in the northwest where you can find the old Reykjavik harbor and Sundahöfn. The old Reykjavik harbour was the original and only one for many years, and it was a really important sailing and fishing harbour in Iceland. However it has changed considerably and nowadays is a leisure area with many restaurants, cafes and boat ride companies. Sundahöfn Harbour hosts the main shipping companies of the country and it is the most important import-export operations harbour in the island, divided in quays. It is not a touristic sightseeing point as it is a proper shipping harbor.

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Reykjavik Harbor

 Old Reykjavik harbor

This part of the city is mainly know because of its leisure offer, as I mentioned before but also because it is the arrival point for all the tourists coming by cruise. Apart from restaurants, cafes, boat ride companies and whales watching and puffins’ tours, there is also a tourist centre, bureau of currency change and public phones. Inside the harbor you can find a shuttle bus service to Sundabakki, Korngarður and Skarfabakki.

This iconic place is located about 5 km from the city center. You can get there by taxi or car (about 5 minutes) or by bus with Reykjavik Bus Service – a single ticket is 220 ISK. If coming from the airport, you can also take bus or car and it is about 45 minutes ride. The bus company Flybus also makes this journey in 50 minutes for 1.500 ISK. Be aware there is no private parking in the area.

Reykjavik Harbor

If coming on a cruise for a couple of days or even just for the day, you can rent a car and explore the city and surrounds. There are some car rentals in the area and other companies do deliver the car to the Cruise terminal.

Nearby you can find an old picturesque pier with the traditional boathouses that have been converted into souvenirs shops. It is also worthy to visit the huge mosaic with the old sailing and fishing life of the city, in Tryggvagata street.

The old Reykjavik harbor has 4 terminals:


Located next to the Harpa Hall, it is nice to a walk around by the Sculpture and Shore Walk. The Reykjavík Art Museum is within walking distance from here and it is worth a visit. Do not miss the Kolaportið a big indoor flea market where to find second hand items and traditional Icelandic food.


Around 10 minutes away by car from Miðbakki. This area is not as popular as it is not in downtown area.


Just next to Sundabakki and it is the smallest terminal in the harbour.

Reykjavik Harbor

Old and New Reykjavik Harbor: Trading And Touristic Point


This is the biggest harbour terminal and you can find it between Sundabakki and Miðbakki Here is where many cruises dock, as for example Norwegian cruise line, Costa Cruise, MSC, etc. Here you can also take the Ferry that goes to Viðey Island – it is a nice visit especially during winter. There is also a pleasant walk by the shore from here until Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum, it will take you about one hour.

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