Ring Road Trip: Top 15 Accommodations Around Iceland

Top 15 Accommodations Around Iceland

Iceland is way more than just a simple destination, it is a life time adventure itself. Not many countries are so privileged to have such wild nature everywhere. Regardless the season, there will always be a picturesque place to go to. No wonder why many people decide to drive around the Ring Road… Who would miss such marvelous things! But can a trip be amazing if we do not choose hotels properly? I think not. Stay and check our Ring Road Trip: Top 15 Accommodations Around Iceland article. This will surely help planning the vacation you have always dreamed of.

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Top 15 Accommodations Around Iceland

Are you going to treat yourself to a vacation? You probably do deserve it and that is why a good planning is necessary. Structure of Tourism in Iceland is completely different from many other countries where tourism has a great impact as well. Iceland is a demanded destination yet a tiny one. This translates into a smaller industry with less options to choose from as the interest of the market increases exponentially.

HotelWhere in Iceland?
1Canopy by Hilton Reykjavik City Centre Reykjavik (Capital)
2Hotel RangaHella (South)
3ION Adventure HotelNesjavellir (South)
4Icelandair Hotel Vik (Vik)Vik (South)
5Fosshotel Glacier LagoonHnappavellir (South)
6Siglo HotelSiglufjörður (North)
7Hotel LaxaMyvatn (North)
8Fosshotel HusavikHúsavík (North)
9Icelandair Hotel AkureyriAkureyri (North)
10Hraunsnef SveitahotelBifrost (West)
11Hotel EgilsenStykkishólmsbær (West)
12Hotel HusafellStórarjóður (West)
13Icelandair Hotel HamarBorganes (West)
14Reykjavik Residence HotelReykjavik (Capital)
15Hotel BergKeflavik (South)

Taking into account that Iceland is not on the top budget travel destinations list, we should really weight our options. This way, we will for sure make the most out of our money. For this Ring Road Trip: Top 15 Accommodations Around Iceland list, we have planned a counter clock wise trip around the island. We selected a hotel at each important stop on the way. For this, we considered the best facilities, best reviews and services.

1. Canopy by Hilton Reykjavik City Centre (Reykjavik)

Behind this hotel, it is nothing but one of the world most famous brands. Hilton hotels are well known for their involvement in this industry. They provide friendly service, great facilities and a quality experience.

It is a new-concept hotel with a groovy touch. Spacious rooms and a modern vibe is all around the place! Its location is right in the center of the city. They have been awarded with the Green Leaders label for their eco-friendly practices.

Top 15 Accommodations Around Iceland

2. Hotel Ranga (Hella)

Heading south east, we find this 4-star resort, which is the only one in South Iceland. We included it in our Top 15 Accommodations Around Iceland as its location is perfect to spot the Northern Lights when in season. The hotel has its own observatory area and hot tubs by the river. It perfectly combines the Icelandic rustic touch with a high-end service.

Top 15 Accommodations Around Iceland

3. ION Adventure Hotel (Golden Circle)

It is a great value four-star hotel with spacious room, and many services. This is in our opinion the best hotel in Iceland with great facilities like spa or sauna. Reykjavik City center is within 45 minutes drive from this luxury hotel.

Top 15 Accommodations Around Iceland

4. Icelandair Hotel Vik (Vik)

Vik, widely known for its black sand beaches, it is well worth a visit. When stopping here, know this hotel is one of the best choices. Besides being beautiful and quite chic, they offer a great customer service, business center, fitness center and restaurant.

5. Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon (Vatnajokull)

Now we are closer to the east of Iceland and to one of the most amazing spots in the Iceland. The Vatnajökull Glacier where this hotel is conveniently located. It offers a quick access to Jökulsárlón lagoon so you can easily enjoy a day trip to the area. The views of the hotel are just stunning, with a great restaurant and rooms. Everything you need can be found here.

Ring Road Trip: Top 15 Accommodations Around Iceland

6. Siglo Hotel (Siglufjordur)

Siglufjordur is a small fishing town in a beautiful narrow fjord in North Iceland. This hotel made it to our Top 15 Accommodations Around Iceland for its stunning location. Right by the waterfront, the views to the fjord will completely blow you away. Rooms are comfortable and many of them overlooking the harbor.

Best Hotels In Iceland

7. Hotel Laxa (Myvatn)

Just 30 minutes away from the Lake Mývatn, somewhat the Blue Lagoon of the North.  Godafoss waterfall and krafa crater is also close by. As you can tell, the location of this hotel is quite convenient and it offers amazing views. Their restaurant is focused on Icelandic traditional cuisine.

8. Fosshotel Husavik (Husavik)

One of the best spots for whale watching. The hotel is well located close to the harbor where the tours depart. With stunning views to the mountains, high-end technology and parking.

Top 15 Accommodations Around Iceland

9. Icelandair Hotel Akureyri (Akureyri)

Now we are right in the capital of the North, Akureyri. Within walking distance of the city center, you have parking included. Spacious rooms with friendly and helpful stuff. The hotel has a modern style but keeping the Icelandic touch.

Top 15 Accommodations Around Iceland

10. Hraunsnef Sveitahotel (Bifrost)

Bifröst is a small town in northwest Iceland settled in rock hard lava. The hotel has outdoor Jacuzzi so you can have a relaxing night out in the dark. It is a charming, family owned hotel. It would be a perfect stop as it is close to your route!

11. Hotel Egilsen (Stykkisholmur)

Stykkisholmur is a beautiful town in the Snæfellsnes peninsula. It has a typical Icelandic look. Its staff is quite helpful and will for sure provide touristic information of the area. The hotel is cozy, well located and with a great quality of food.

Top 15 Accommodations Around Iceland

12. Hotel Husafell (Husafell)

Husafell is probably one of the top destinations in Iceland. The hot springs are well demanded and its landscapes are just amazing. If you are also visiting the area, be sure to check Hotel Husafell. Located in an area where you can enjoy hiking, dive in hot spots geothermal waters and many outdoor activities.

13. Icelandair Hotel Hamar (Borganes)

We keep our way through the west of Iceland, now heading south. The hotel offers beautiful modern and clean facilities. Clients comment on how good the breakfast is and the views from the Jacuzzi and sauna are breathtaking.

Top 15 Accommodations Around Iceland

Ring Road Trip: Top 15 Accommodations Around Iceland

14. Reykjavik Residence Hotel (Reykjavík)

We finally made it to the capital city of Iceland! The apartments are close to the city center, to bus stations and shopping area. They are cozy with brand new rooms, offer free internet, and marvelous views.

  1. Hotel Berg (Keflavik)

Our trip has come to an end! If you need a place to stay while waiting for your upcoming flight back home, then Hotel Berg is a great option. This is the last hotel in our Top 15 Accommodations Around Iceland but that does not mean it is less good. The hotel has a beautiful view over the harbor side, there is a pool in the roof and the Blue lagoon is just 15 minutes away.

Ring Road Trip: Top 15 Accommodations Around Iceland

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