Best restaurants in Iceland: Places to Eat and Drink in Iceland

Best Restaurants In Iceland

I’m sure Iceland is not famous beyond our borders because of its gastronomy and elaborated dishes, but we are improving on it and we count now with many really good restaurants and chefs. Here we will give you advice on the best restaurants nowadays in the country. Best restaurants in Iceland with I am Reykjavik.

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Best Restaurants In Iceland

Fish Dishes in Iceland

Fish is one of the main ingredients on Icelandic diet, as it was expected from an island. We have tasty cod and salmon, haddock, skate and even shark!

Naustid restaurant is located in the fishing village of Husavik just by the port. It’s settled in an old house with a great atmosphere. In case you join one of the many whale watching excursions, this will be a good place to eat. The main ingredient –obviously- is fish and they make a really tasty fish soup. What about skyr for dessert?

If in Hella or about, I recommend that you pop into Sveitagrill Míu Mia’s Country Grill. I’m not sure if it can be considered one of the best restaurants in Iceland as it’s only a caravan with a small picnic area but there you will try one of the best fish and chips of the island. They sell fresh and tasty fish with plenty of sauces and salts. Even if we consider it “fast food” it will be one of the best experiences of your trip, as they have top service and nice views, together with high-quality fish and good views. Great option if coming or going into an excursion from Hella in South Iceland.

Eating at the North

Kaffi Ilmur. Don’t expect posh dishes on this charming café, but one of the best views of Akureyri in a relaxed atmosphere that feels like home. I would recommend it mostly to have a coffee with cake –try the cinnamon cake or the amazing cappuccino cheesecake! You can get your coffee cup refilled as many times as you want, isn’t that reason enough to visit?

Strikid is one of the best restaurants in Iceland, specifically in the capital of the north. You will enjoy the wonderful views if sitting up at the terrace on the top floor. They have a special menu with one dish from each cardinal point of the island: the whole Iceland in four dishes, delicious! They are also open during winter, for ski season.

Located about 13km away from Akureyri we can find the Silva, known as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Iceland. They offer a great buffet of soups, nice bread, salad and vegetables. Don’t miss the natural fruit juices and amazing desserts and cakes.

Best Restaurants In Iceland

Best Restaurants in Iceland: Hungry around Reykjavik?

Fridheimar is a tomatoes greenhouse in Selfoss where you can also have a great lunch or dinner! The main ingredient is, of course, tomato in all its versions. They have all-you-can-eat tomato soup buffet and delicious bread with butter, water, coffee and tea it’s also inclusive on the price, around 15€. Explanation about how to grow the plants is also inclusive! Isn’t it one of the best restaurants in Iceland? – and the most original?- You can make a reservation in advance, which is recommendable during summer busy months.

Grillmarkaðinn is located on Lækjargata just a few minutes away from Harpa concert hall. You will love their menu, their singular decoration and the helpful staff. They have different options such as the “tasting menu” or the “trip to the countryside”. (link al post de mejores restaurantes de Reykjavik)

Best Restaurants In Iceland

Great flavors, fresh fish and nice service, this is what you will find in Messinn located just next to Laugavegur. They don’t have a huge menu but their salmon is well-known! Prices are similar to other restaurants in the capital, don’t expect a bargain if looking for high-quality food.

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