What to pack for a trip to Iceland – The Perfect Iceland Packing List

What To Pack For A Trip To Iceland

It does not really matter what time of the year you are planning to come to Iceland, there are some items you will always need. Fortunately, we are here to assist you so you will not forget a thing for what to pack for a trip to Iceland!

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Although Iceland is known for being a cold country, the main barrier you should be ready for is not only the cold but also the dampness and strong winds. Be aware that the Icelandic weather is constantly changing so you should be ready for almost everything: you can easily find yourself in a shiny sunny day that may suddenly turn into a freezing cold windy day.

What To Pack For A Trip To Iceland

So let’s get started from the deepest layers to the outside:

  • Thermal clothes are basic stuff in your trip. These clothes will keep you warm in any situation and they will never get wet as long as you wear a waterproof jacket.
  • Thick socks. I bet this item did not surprise you at all J A must when you pack for Iceland.
  • Good waterproof boots have to be one of the essentials in your suitcase. Getting your feet wet is one of the most uncomfortable feelings you can face when being in a long hike, so make sure you bring along with you one pair of good waterproof shoes.
  • Fleece lining. This is part of one of the most important tips you should not forget. The Icelandic weather is rather changeable so remember that not only thick clothes yet lots of different layers are what you will need such as a fleece, thermal clothes and a jacket.
  • Waterproof trousers. This is a must mainly if you are visiting the north to ski, but if you don’t they will be quite useful too. Believe me, when it is pouring, a pair of waterproof pants will make the difference J
  • A warm waterproof jacket is a basic! It will keep you (and the rest of your outfit) warm and dry. Forget about umbrellas and take the wise option!
  • Swimsuit and flip flops. Even though Iceland may seem a cold country, remember that hot springs can be found almost everywhere! Pack these clothes and you will be able to enjoy quite a few soaks in your journey J
  • Icelandic SIM card will help you a lot once your Icelandic adventure has started. You can buy it upon arrival at the Duty-Free. This is one of the best (and cheaper) choices if you want to have both coverage and internet access all in one.
  • Sleep mask. If you are very sensitive to sunlight, we strongly recommend bringing one of these, since depending on the time of year, you can find even 22 hours of sunlight.
  • Knit cap, sunglasses and gloves. As you will be protecting and keeping your body warm, your head and hands deserve the same! What to pack for a trip to Iceland? Snow and sun together are such a blinding combination so a pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes perfectly.

What To Pack For A Trip To Iceland

What to pack for a trip to Iceland

Some extra advice: What you should never bring

  • An umbrella. Yes, everybody is rather accustomed to use an umbrella if a rainy day shows up but, what would happen in Iceland? High speed winds are very common so just simply forget about packing one for Iceland; it would not help but obstruct your journey.
  • Jeans for hiking. Jeans may seem such a good option, but in fact they are not. Of course if you are planning going out for a walk in a city or for hanging out, it would be fine, but definitely they are not that good if you plan go on trekking. If they get wet, they will stick to you and will never get dry, making you feel uncomfortable and cold.
  • No high heels. Boots are a must for an Icelandic adventure. High heels should remain in your suitcase until you decide to visit one of the incredible restaurants or pubs the capital offers you.

What To Pack For A Trip To Iceland

This is not a wide list but a practical one for your first trip to Iceland. Of course there will be much more items you would need in your journey, but those ones above are some basic stuff you should not miss packing for Iceland if you want your trip to be an unforgettable (and not regrettable) adventure. What to pack for a trip to Iceland? We gave you all the answers!

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