Pack Up The Right Winter Clothing For Iceland!

Winter Clothing For Iceland

It seems so easy because you already packed for hundreds of various expeditions, right? In spite of everything, this subject always causes and will cause dilemmas and make you dizzy. And should be like so as this is not a trivial topic and should be taken seriously. Your Icelandic adventure will definitely be an amazing experience and couldn’t be ruined by being cold or uncomfortable with your clothes. So here you have this Pack Up The Right Winter Clothing for Iceland! It will help you keep warm.

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We will try to help you out with this issue and make a list of the clothes that should appear in your suitcase during your winter trip to Iceland.

Winter Clothing For Iceland

  1. Hat and gloves.

If you are flying to Iceland thinking that you do not need a hat or gloves because you pass all winter in your country without it – you couldn’t be more wrong. I have a good advice: bring warm gloves and a hat with a scarf. I believe there is nothing worse than having cold ears and icy hands and not even being able to grab a cup with warm tea. That is definitely a must in your Winter Clothing for Iceland.

  1. Warm jacket.

Most people traveling to Iceland think that they can easily make it by taking a light windbreaker or another soft jacket. You should rather pack a solid waterproof and windproof jacket. It has to be warm enough to easily pass few hours outside in a chilly….. Winter in Iceland can be really cold in here and you need to be ready for the temperature dropping up to -25 degrees during the night.

  1. Hoodies and sweaters.

One is definitely not enough. Take at least two for your suitcases of Winter Clothing for Iceland as one will quickly be stolen by your partner. As you will be sightseeing and walking quite a lot, you need to remember to get windbreakers.

Winter Clothing For Iceland

  1. Thermal underwear.

That is another must have if you come to Iceland in winter. You simply must take thermal leggings and long-sleeve t- shirt with you and I would say, not just one set as you will be using it every single day. Winter in Iceland is not only cold, snowy etc. but also very windy. Such underwear prevents from getting cold in case the wind gets under your coat.

  1. Boots and socks.

High heels and cute short socks are not an option here.  You will say- honestly! Well, apparently not for all it’s so obvious. I personally witnessed such adventures so please, do not make that mistake. You should get some warm boots which will be comfortable and with good grip. Warm wool socks go in the package.

  1. Hiking trousers.

Definitely not jeans! There is nothing worse than wet jeans in cold weather. You should get some synthetic pants which are also waterproof.

  1. Sunglasses.

Especially during winter, you will definitely appreciate taking sunglasses with you. The Icelandic sun can be very strong especially when it reflects from the snow. While driving the sun can blind which can be very dangerous when passing other cars. It is also useful when the wind blows you in the face while a walk or trekking.

Winter Clothing For Iceland

Pack Up The Right Winter Clothing for Iceland!

  1. Swimsuit.

In the winter? Oh, yeah, definitely! Even during the winter, the hot springs and swimming pools are very popular in here. Doesn’t matter those -20 outside if you have 40 on plus in the tube right? In addition to famous Blue Lagoon, Iceland offers many natural hot springs and geothermal pools and some of them can be used during winter as well.

The important thing to remember is that layering is the way you should dress in Iceland. It is always better to carry more than get cold and ruin your whole day because you do not feel like going outside. Also remember to stay comfortable. Wear clothes that do not limit your moves and air-permeable ones.

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