The Ultimate Shopping Guide: Supermarkets in Iceland

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When traveling to a different country we are usually focused on airplane tickets, accommodation and sightseeing. We usually tend to forget about those things we do on a daily basis at home. In the case of traveling to our country, it is important to know about Supermarkets in Iceland.

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Iceland is a destiny that can be quite different from other countries. We are not a big nation but there are vast areas that can be inhabited. Usually, the travellers that come to Iceland choose our country to enjoy its wild nature. This means that many of you will be traveling around the island.

Supermarkets In Iceland

In many of those places services are limited and we should not take them for granted. Besides accommodation and transportation, any traveller would need snacks, some food for the road and knick-knacks. We want you to get an idea of what options you can count on. Here you have a shopping guide for Supermarkets in Iceland.


If you ever checked any information about Iceland, you probably heard about this one. Bónus is probably the most well-known supermarket in Iceland. It is a budget supermarket so probably that is the reason of its success.

Iceland prices are usually considered high for most travellers, so having a supermarket with many store locations and cheap prices is great!

Do not expect a huge variety of products and a fantastic range. Bónus is one of those simple supermarkets in Iceland. The interior is plain and offer basic products.

Bónus can easily be found on the south west area of Iceland.

Supermarkets In Iceland


They are also a budget supermarket just like Bónus but I would say they have a wider selection of products.

They have constant promotions and a great selection on healthy stuff. If you want small prices but have certain allergies (such gluten) or preferences for healthier products, then Krónan is a good option for you.

They are mainly present in the north and south west Iceland.


For those people traveling all around the country, this is an option. They are widely available in small towns even in the north area of Iceland. You will not see it in Reykjavik but they are quite spread out throughout the country.

They are not on the budget range but you can keep it in mind in case you need to re-stock or get a product in the last minute.

Supermarkets In Iceland

The Ultimate Shopping Guide: Supermarkets in Iceland


Back to the budget range. Nettó offers good prices not only for their food selection but also for everyday stuff such as pharmacy, health and beauty.

This supermarket is present mostly in South west and east Iceland.

Besides supermarkets, another option you have are convenient stores at gas stations. They are not huge in size but they usually have a great variety for basic selections.

There are way more brands of supermarkets in Iceland but we hope that with this selection you can make the most out of your bucks! Happy Shopping!

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