The Coolest Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools in Reykjavik

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You may have noticed something if you know a bit about Iceland: Icelanders love pools! This is nothing unusual, as they have as many liters of natural hot water as they want. Pools are part of their daily routine, as there is a great tradition of meeting your friends and family at the closest one. Below, we have listed a selection, now it is time for you to find your choose the best hot tubs or pool in Reykjavik!

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Hot Tubs

Laugardalslaug – City centre

This is the most popular pool in Reykjavik! It is conveniently located for those who live or are staying near downtown Reykjavik. Both tourists and locals are keen on sharing this well-known city pool. You can get there easily either by bus or on foot; the ride is totally worth it!

Once there, you can choose among 3 different pools and several hot tubs. Slides and a sunbathing area along with a hot dog stand shape a leisure area reachable and affordable for everybody!

Vesturbæjarlaug – Calmed down

Close to Reykjavik city centre and the ocean, this outside pool has a relaxing atmosphere, where taking a dip and chilling is the main business of those who buy a ticket. A pool for children can be found but despite having just one slide, floating toys and a basketball hoop will keep them entertained. Here you will just find the typical Icelandic outside pool and some hot tubs, more than enough!

Hot Tubs

Sundlaug Kópavogs – Slides for families

This swimming pool in Reykjavik has become one of the most popular swimming pools around the area. The 4 slides this pool has make it suitable for all ages –from infants to any adult looking for fun! Apart from the five regular hot tubs, there is one massage hot tub and another suitable for children. A sauna, the hot tubs, a cold bath and three pools will make your pool day your family day!

Árbæjarlaug – The scenic pool

Located close to Árbæjarsafn, this joyful complex which comprises multiple facilities, offers great views of Elliðarárdalur Valley. Soaking in the indoor pool and swimming to the outside part after a walk through the valley would make your day! Pools, sunbathing area, a slide and hot tubing while enjoying the landscape will make your dip hard to forget!

Hot Tubs

Check The Coolest Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools in Reykjavik

Sundhöll – first pool of RVK

Sundhöll was the first pool in Reykjavik City, located within walking distance from the main street. This charming pool was finished in 1937 although the works started in 1929 due to lack of funds. The building houses an indoor pool, a pool for children and some hot tubs outdoors. It deserves to be pointed out that the walls are glazed which gives the interior a special feeling. It was designed by Guðjón Samúelsson, who also designed other relevant buildings such as Hallgrímskirkja Church or the University of Iceland.

Of course the list of wonderful pools in Reykjavik does not end up here, there are many other pools in Reykjavik area that are clean and convenient, but we have selected the outstanding ones a tourist (or a local) should try once or at least, visit!

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