The Best Pools in West Iceland

Pools In West Iceland

To have a bath in a hot tub or geothermal pool is a must for every single tourist visiting Iceland. Here we will give you some of the best or most popular pools in West Iceland so you can plan your route! Remember all the natural hot springs in Iceland are public, but they might be on a private land, so always by respectful with the landlord and the nature and of course, pick up any rubbish keeping the place nice and clean.

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Pools In West Iceland


This might be one of the most special Pools in West Iceland. It was built by a non-profit youth organisation called “Íslendingur” in 1928. Nowadays it’s preserved as a cultural heritage and its water comes from a hot spring nearby

Opening times:

Tue – Fri 18-22h and Sat – Sun 13 – 22h


Lýsuhólslaug is a geothermal bath. Filled with naturally hot mineral water, it’s rich in green algae (chlorella) and other minerals. Locals say it has shooting and healing effect on the body. And is a favourite one out of the Pools in West Iceland.

The entrance for adults is 1000 ISK and there are cards for 12 or 30 baths, as well as year card if you plan to go more than once.

Opening times:

From June to mid August from 11 to 20:30h


Húsafell geothermal swimming pool is one of the most popular in the area. It has been renovated not long ago, but it was first built in 1965. The hot water comes from a hot spring in Selgil, where the water is around 77° and from Hveragil (around 64°).

There are two swimming pools, two hot tubs and a water slide. It’s not the biggest pool around, but it’s a really nice to go mostly with children. The entrance fee is 1300 ISK for adults and 400 ISK for children, but if you are staying at the hotel the entrance is free.

Opening times:

Daily from 10 to 22h

Pools In West Iceland


This swimming pool might be the funniest in West Iceland. It’s located at the Sports stadium and it has an outside and inside swimming pools. There are also hot tubs, funny water slides and a children’s pool. But it’s not all about pools; you will find as well a sauna, a gym and area for sunbathing.

The price per adult is 900 ISK and for children 260 ISK, which makes this location perfect for people who are traveling in a campervan, as they can have a relaxing bath and shower later for a cheap price. If that’s your case, you might find helpful the campsite nearby.

Opening times:

Mon – Fri from 6 to 22h

Sat – Sun 9 -18h


Gudrunarlaug is one of the most special Pools in West Icelandyou will find on this list by far, not because it’s dimensions or facilities but because its history.

It’s a natural hot spot named after Guðrún Ósvífursdóttir, who is the protagonist of Laxdæla Saga, one of the Icelandic sagas. This places dates from 1869 but it was destroyed by a landslide. The pool was then reconstructed in 2009. The water is about 38° and it has some algae, but they are good for the skin so don’t worry about them!

If you are looking for a place like Borgarnes swimming pool where to have a shower and get ready for a campervan night, that’s not a right option. There is only a small medieval construction used as changing room, but there is not even shower. However it’s free of charge, so the visit is worthy.

It’s open all the time so it’s a great stop conveniently located between Snæfellsnes peninsula and the Westfjords.

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The Best Pools in West Iceland


This is an special one our of our Pools in West Iceland post. We could say this is kind of a private pool, as no more than 3 adults can fit in! Krosslaug is located just a few meters from the road, in the area of Reykir in Lundareikjadalur. The temperature of the water is about 42° and it’s surprisingly clean if we take into account that is in the middle of the nature and free entrance of course.

Don’t get confused with information on internet, as there are two pools in Iceland named Krosslaug. The other one is by the sea, close to the Birkimelur Settlement in the Westfjords. It has an ancient hot tub and a concrete pool built in 1948.

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