What to Bring to Your Campervan in Iceland? – Best Trip Ever!

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If you wish to explore more than just Golden Circle, you should definitely rent a car. Even better option is to rent a campervan in Iceland in which you can not only travel but also sleep and prepare your meal in. Definitely the most economic and interesting way to visit Iceland. It is so popular in here that you can choose from hundreds of offers from both global and local companies specializing also in 4wd vehicles.

Best car rental in Iceland

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All the rental companies in Iceland make sure the vehicles come well-equipped so you do not need to bring much stuff with you. However, there are things that you won’t be able to find in it and will definitely need. I will point you the list of the most useful things you must remember when you travel by campervan in Iceland.

220V inverter/adaptors

One of the most important thing you should remember about. You must be aware that most of the campervans in Iceland are only equipped with a 12V cigarette lighter socket and a USB input only. That might put some limits on charging your devices. You should than think about getting an adaptor which allows you to charge your phones, iPod etc.

There are also inverters available on market that convert a 12V socket to a 220V standard socket. That is a real relief if you wish to charge a laptop or simply dry your hair with a hairdryer. Believe me, it will make your life easier!

Sleeping bags

Most of the rental companies provide you with a duvet or a sleeping bag. Make sure you check exactly the equipment that comes included in your campervan in Iceland in order to avoid any surprises on arrival. Sleeping bags are a must! The nights in Iceland might get quite chilly. Although most of the vans have the heating system installed, the sleeping bags are absolutely essential. Most of the hostels and camping sites charge extra fee for lending you sleeping bags so it is worth to take your own one with you.

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Detailed map / guide.

No one likes to get lost, we can all agree on that! You might of course get a GPS which is obviously the easiest way. However, you must be prepared for any situation even lack of signal in your network. The best map would be the one that includes all road types – asphalt and gravel as well. It is very important that the map distinct those roads as not all of the vehicles are allowed on F-roads.  If you are kind of a traditionalist and like to read in advance about what is worth visiting- bring a guide with you as well. You can find some mini guides in each tourist office in Iceland as well so if you have a chance, just get one.

Camera / memory disk

Well, Iceland is one of this country that you literally can’t stop taking photos of. Make sure you get your camera with you, extra batteries and memory disks, storages to put the photos in. You will see when you get here, you can take thousands of pictures and you won’t get enough!

Waterproof coat

Might be the most important things you should bring with you. As the weather in Iceland is unpredictable and even during the summer it can be raining all day long. Best one would be the one which is windproof as well so it protects you from the wind. Warm, waterproof jacket is the basic.

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What to Bring to Your Campervan in Iceland? – Best Trip Ever!

Can opener / corkscrew

However, I am not a big fun of bringing ready-made food with you on your trip, you might want to remember about the can opener. A corkscrew would be a very useful thing if you wish to have a nice glass of wine in the evening surrounded by a beautiful nature.

In conclusion, those are just the most important things you should think about. The list however can be really long. Weather or other factors may delay the arrival of another route so you should have some alternative for the overnight in the campervan in Iceland, like board games and cards. The spray against mosquitoes and moisturizing cream for mosquito bites is also a very useful thing. It is worth to think about the basics you might need to fully enjoy the beauty of Iceland.

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