What to See in Iceland in 5 days – The best of South Iceland

What To See In Iceland

Many thanks to Peter and Jane for this trip report. Everyone is welcome to share their experiences at I am Reykjavík! Pete & Jane: We were very excited with this trip, since we were very interested in exploring the spectacular spots there. What to see in Iceland in 5 days here, enjoy this article!

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Itinerary Day 1:

We flew from London and arrived in Keflavik international Airport. After that decided to rent a campervan vehicle in order to not miss a thing! Only had 5 days, so we chose to see the south of the country; I thought it was where the most important attractions were situated.

So we visited Blue Lagoon that was close to both cities, Keflavik and Reykjavik. It was amazing! I could not believe what we eyes were seeing. At first I was a bit nervous about getting in because the temperature was cold but when I finally did it, he water was warm and relaxing.

When my husband finally got me out, we head up to Krysuvik, where we found a massive lake called Kleifarvatn, we were told that it was the biggest lake of the area!

What To See In Iceland

Itinerary Day 2:

We were very tired but ready to drive The Golden Circle, it felt very comfortable to drive through it.

We visited Thingvellir, the Strokkur, Golden waterfall, and Kerio. Thingvellir is a well-known National Park, we definitely enjoyed it.

Strokkur is a geyser that erupts every 10 minutes, it was a very nice place to take pictures, the steam and the eruptions were amazing.

We also visited Geysir itself, but it was no longer active, anyhow it was worth seeing. We had our lunch there, in a Soup Restaurant. The Golden waterfall was our next stop. Paths were covered with ice, we had been told that in summertime you can hike the valley below, it was a wonderful stop in our opinion.

Kerio is a volcano crater filled with water, you can walk around the rim to see it closer, in order to visit this you need to buy a ticket that is not expensive at all. What to see in Iceland in 5 days!

What To See In Iceland

Itinerary Day 3:

We visited Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, it was truly spectacular; later we took a path behind the waterfall that made us finding incredible views.

After that experience we drove for 15 minutes to see Skogafoss, another awesome waterfall. You can contemplate rainbows, it has stairs in order to go on top and have better views of it. It was easy to get there, and there were plenty of parking spaces.

There were people wearing waterproof clothing, a great idea you should have in mind if you are packing for an Icelandic adventure.

The next stop was Solheimajokull Glacier, it is also called Black Glacier, we saw people with guides walking on the glacier, but we only took pictures by the path. It really looked magical.

We didn´t spend that much time there, since we quickly took our way to Reynisfjara Beach, it was not too far, this place has amazing basalt columns, black sand, huge waves, birds flying, light fog… it looked really mystical.

What To See In Iceland

What to See in Iceland

Itinerary Day 4:

We started visiting Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, not crowded at all, so we enjoyed the nature along with a deep silence, it was magical. The views were great: you could see the Laki Lava field in the distance. Everything is well maintained and very clean.

Our next stop was Jökulsárlón. We were very excited about visiting Glacial Lagoon. And actually it was my favorite.

You could see the icebergs breaking off the glacier; those ones had an unbelievable blue color.

Later, we visited Fjallsarlon, another glacial lake, which is not as famous and big as Jökulsárlón, but it was worth it as well. There were less people, so we enjoyed it a lot more, it seemed more peaceful. The views with the Öraefajökull Volcano in the backround were beautiful.

We were not informed about zodiac boat trips, so it was a surprise for us! We got to contemplate the icebergs much closer than we expected.

What To See In Iceland

Itinerary Day 5:

We wanted to spend the last day in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. We really did enjoy it! I am glad we left the city for the last visiting day, as we were very tired, so we took our time to enjoy it.

The food was outstanding, we did a food tour and we got to try the local cheese, lamb soup, dried meat, and ginger beer to drink. Hope you like our article, now you know what to see in Iceland in 5 days!

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