Some Cool Tips for First Timers to Iceland

First Timers To Iceland

We all know that time when we decide to go to that place we always wanted, it is all about excitement. But heading to a place you have never been before can arise many questions. Regardless of this, you have to organize your trip, jump right into the water and overcome all hurdles…by yourself? No, no. That is why we are here for! Check this Cool Tips for First Timers to Iceland, it will give you a basic idea of what to expect.

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First Timers To Iceland

Heading to a new country can be delightful, everything becomes exciting and you get anxious just by thinking about it. Somehow, we tend to idealize everything and we lose sight of the ground. We cannot forget that any trip, wherever the destiny is, must be well prepared. We should also be open minded, as culture and traditions may vary greatly. Most cultural shocks can be avoided by just getting some basic information of the place we are visiting. And remember, no culture is better than the other, just different.

Once it was said, let’s get to the point.

  1. Documents needed

Iceland is not part of the European Union but it is associated to the Schengen Area. This mean that any traveler coming from a Schengen member state can travel to Iceland with their national ID.

People traveling from the USA, Canada or Australia do require a passport but a Visa permit is not needed.

If you are coming from other non- EU /EEA country, be sure to check with the Icelandic authorities if a visitor’s visa is required.

First Timers To Iceland

  1. Prices

Iceland has a high standard of living. Do expect prices to be high, not just in the main cities and downtown areas but pretty much across Iceland.

If you are on a budget, we highly recommend to check places in advance. For food, there are certain supermarkets that have a more affordable price, such Bónus or Krónan.When talking about restaurants and bars, a comparison is strictly necessary and prices do vary a lot depending on the area.

For partygoers, bear in mind alcohol is extremely expensive and this also applies to beer. During the happy hour you can get bargains for half of the standard price.

  1. Accommodation

I would never come to Iceland without a hotel reservation. First of all, the offer is limited and you might find yourself with no vacancies. Second of all, not comparing between hotels or guesthouses may result in you paying way more. And as I said before, in Iceland this can cost an arm and a leg.

Do not expect Iceland to have plenty of resorts and high-end hotels everywhere. These type of accommodations are kind of restricted to main cities and villages. In other areas, the hospitality offer is reduced and might only have guesthouses, hostels or shelters available.

First Timers To Iceland

Some Cool Tips for First Timers to Iceland

  1. Icelanders

Most of us may leave a cold and reserved impression but that is just at the very beginning! Icelanders can be quite friendly! If you do not speak Icelandic, do not worry if your are First Timers to Iceland, most of us speak English as well.

It does not matter if you just met an Icelander, do not call him by his surname. That is something we never do in Iceland, whoever it is, we just call it by its name. It is not rude nor impolite, do not be scared of doing so.

We are usually quiet and easy going people, we do not link getting into a heated discussion on topics like politics, so beware obnoxious comments!

Wherever you come from, we want you to like our country as much as we do! We really hope you can make the most out of Iceland. From First Timers to Iceland to a high level expert!

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