Reykjavik Hotels – Options: Airbnb or Regular Hotel

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Without being a huge country capital, Reykjavik offers a wide variety of accommodation options, from private flats to hostels or luxury hotels. Usually straight after booking the flight tickets, next questions is where will we sleep? In this case, we will make this question more specific: Reykjavik Hotels – Options: Airbnb or Regular Hotel – . We will explore each option and try to find positive and negative points to get to the best accommodation in Reykjavik. Obviously there is not only one best accommodation for everybody, but it will depend on each traveller.

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Reykjavik Hotels - Options: Airbnb Or Regular Hotel -

When we are looking for hotels in Reykjavik not only is important the place itself but the area where it is located. Each visitant has their own preferences. Some visitors want to be right at the heart of the city, some other prefer a quiet neighbour. Another people only want cheap accommodation regardless the location, etc. That’s why I decide to organise this Reykjavik Hotels – Options: Airbnb or Regular Hotel – post by neighbourhood or areas inside Reykjavik.

As I explained before, Reykjavik is not a big city, not at all to be the capital of the country. You can get an idea if I tell you that you can walk from one side to another of the city centre in half an hour. By the way, 101 Reykajvik is the most centric postcode and many of the accommodation options are located there. Apart from the downtown or 101 postcode, we can find West town area and East town area and none of those areas are dangerous at all!. Here we go, let’s try to answer the question…Reykjavik Hotels – Options: Airbnb or Regular Hotel –

Reykjavik Hotels - Options: Airbnb Or Regular Hotel -

Downtown or City centre

Home of many of the city Museums, restaurants and bars, as well the famous Laugavegur shopping street. Pros and cons: You will not need to pay for buses or taxis, but you will not like it you are a light sleeper.

Reykjavik Residence Hotel

It couldn’t be otherwise, the best hotel in Reykjavik is located in 101. They offer luxury apartments with private kitchen, HD flat screen and WiFi.

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Alda hotel

Located right in Laugavegur, they offer comfy and modern rooms with WiFi.

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Airbnb Options

Fancy having your own privacy by renting a private apartment? Delight yourself on this luxury apartment for only 1.060€ per night!

In this Reykjavik Hotels – Options: Airbnb or Regular Hotel – article we got many options. In case you are more of tight budget, there are options available from 59€ for a private room. You would have so share bathroom and kitchen, but this is also an opportunity to meet people during your trip!

West town

Postcode 107 is a nice neighbourhood and quiet area, ideal if you want to get the real taste of the local life here. Consider getting a taxi when coming or going to 101 or just enjoy the walk! Here you have some Reykjavik Hotels:

22 Hill Hotel

This is a modern hotel near city center but still in a quiet area. I wouldn’t call it cheap but it’s rated as one of the best hotels in the city, so the price might deserve it.

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Galaxy Pod hostel

Here comes a cheaper option, but not for all tastes I’m afraid. They offer shared rooms and pod-style accommodation. You will feel as you are inside a space ship. There is a welcoming and huge area with sofas and also a shared kitchen.

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Airbnb options

In case it’s free for your dates, there is a lovely studio in this area for 113€ per night, check the pictures and you will want to stay there!

Reykjavik Hotels - Options: Airbnb Or Regular Hotel -

 East town

Don’t expect night bars or discos in 105 (same applies for 107). This is a residential area, with good bus connections to downtown and you can also go by walk, it wouldn’t take you more than one hour.

Reykjavik Hotels – Options: Airbnb or Regular Hotel

Eyja Hotel

You will love the views from this place over Reykajvik downtown as well as their cosy and comfortable rooms.

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Airbnb options

It’s true that the offer in this area is not as varied as in the previous ones. There are still nice full house and private rooms available, prices between 67€ and 100€ per night. If you are looking for a bargain, have a look at this private room for 26€ – you will be lucky if it’s available for your dates. It even includes simple breakfast, Wi-Fi, free parking and you have your own fridge inside the room, isn’t that great? It has a top rating from other visitors.

Other neighbourhoods

If you are renting a car, a really good option for you would be to book your accommodation outside the city centre for example 104 or 108. Even without a car, it’s possible to get to the city centre by bus but a car makes it easier! Remember you will have to pay for parking downtown, but it’s not expensive as in other capitals and you can always find a space.

Airbnb options

In this case, the answer to Reykjavik Hotels – Options: Airbnb or Regular Hotel – would definitely be Airbnb! I think this is the best accommodation option if staying outside Reykjavik or not right next to the city centre. There are still many full houses, apartments and private rooms available at really good prices. It’s ideal if traveling with children as you will have extra space that you wouldn’t even think about in a hotel room.

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