Camping in Iceland – Water and Septic tank

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In this blog we have talked about several ways of going doing a road trip around the country and one of the most requested topics has been either car rental or campervan. As strange as it may seem, the topic of emptying a septic tank or filling the water tank never came to my mind. And it is not like I have not gone camping! But thanks to a friend of mine that asked me about this, I am now writing about this useful Camping in Iceland – Water and Septic tank topic.

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Camping In Iceland - Water And Septic Tank

A motorhome or a campervan is a great vehicle to discover Iceland, it gives you way much more flexibility than any scheduled tour but it does not mean that it does not need some maintenance. Travelers get quite worried about this Camping in Iceland – Water and Septic tank topic but I fortunately this can be easily solved by getting prepared properly!

What is a water tank?

It is pretty obvious that a motorhome or a campervan is not connected to a public water system. So they come with a water tank that allows you to open that tap and have water supply to wash the dishes or get a shower. The capacity of the tank depends on the vehicle occupants allowance, the biggest motorhomes usually come with a 90-100L tank.

What is a septic tank?

Here we have two types of water, sewage that comes from the water used for showering and washing and the one that comes from flushing the toilet. Vehicles come with a guide line to know when these tanks need to be dumped. This should not be a complicated nor a nasty task. In this Camping in Iceland – Water and Septic tank article we will show you where to do so.

Where can we fill in the water tank and empty the septic tank?

You can dump the septic tank at any lavatory disposal areas, most of them available at camping sites all throughout Iceland.

Camping In Iceland - Water And Septic Tank

You can look for lavatory disposals in Iceland easily online

If you need to empty them urgently but the next lavatory disposal point is not close, in this Camping in Iceland – Water and Septic tank article, we recommend you to also check some gas stations as many of them offer this service.

Another great resource is the one provided by the environmental agency of Iceland with a lavatory disposals sorted by region.

For water tanks, you can easily refill them at any gas station. The main companies in Iceland are N1, Olís, Orkan, ÓB and many others. Olís and N1 usually have full-service stations with many facilities such us cafeteria, toilets and a tiny convenience store in case you also need to refill your fridge!

Camping In Iceland - Water And Septic Tank

Camping in Iceland – Water and Septic tank

In this Camping in Iceland – Water and Septic tank post we are also providing you some tips to avoid sewer small in the bathroom:

  • There are many chemicals that do eliminate toilet odor, ask your rental company if they do provide them. Otherwise you can get them easily before hitting the road at many online stores.
  • Be sure to give your motorhome some ventilation. When stopping at any parking spot, open up the windows, doors and let air circulate whenever possible. If it is too cold outside, five minutes will be more than enough.

Now there is one less thing to worry about while on holidays in Iceland! just prepare your stops including camping sites with lavatory disposal facilities and it should be a piece of cake!

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