Road Trip Around Iceland in 14 Days – Trip Report

Road Trip Around Iceland In 14 Days

What to see and what not to see? That is the question! we do understand that visiting a country where almost every corner holds an incredible surprise can make your itinerary decisions quite complicated. We thought we should help you out with that so we have created this Road Trip Around Iceland in 14 days post to try to ease your mind!

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Let’s get our check lists ready. There are several things you should take into account when traveling to Iceland:

  • This is a road trip around Iceland in 14 days, so you would either need a car or a motorhome. In case you are a bit lost and do not know where to start or what to rent, we recommend you to check our Car Rental post.
  • Climate in Iceland is quite unpredictable be sure to pack waterproof, windproof clothing, scarf and boots. Yes, even during the summer time as you will definitely need both. Layers! That’s the key word.
  • During the summer, you will be able to explore for a longer time as there are 24h sunlight but this means you would not be able to see the northern lights as you need complete darkness.

Buckle up guys and join us in this road trip around Iceland in 14 days. Off we go!

Road Trip Around Iceland In 14 Days

Day 1. Blue Lagoon and Reykjavik

If you have just arrived to Iceland from a long flight you should relax and get your first contact with the Icelandic culture. If you have arrived at KEF Airport, you should take this opportunity and head directly to the Blue Lagoon as it is closer to Keflavik than it is to the capital city. Once you had your relaxing session, you can head back to your hotel in Reykjavik and use this day to gather strength for this road trip around Iceland in 14 days.

  • Please bear in mind you need to book in advance for the Blue Lagoon. Tickets can be purchased on their website.

Day 2. The Golden Circle

It is Iceland’s most touristic area. Departing from Reykjavik, you can either take road N35 and N35 heading to Gullfoss. Enjoy Iceland marvelous nature:

  • Gullfoss: Also known as the “golden falls” with its impressive 32 meters
  • Geysir: Iceland’s most famous water gusher.
  • Thingvellir: UNESCO world heritage National Park
  • Krýsuvík: Fumarole and geothermal area

Road Trip Around Iceland In 14 Days

Day 3. Snaefellsnes Peninsula

This area has still many things to offer, and you should not miss them! Be sure to head to Gerðuberg, with its towering basalt columns of almost 14 meters high. Deildartunguhver thermal spring located at Reykholt. Then you can visit the beautiful waterfalls of Hraunfossar, where you will be able to get into lava caves and enjoy the amazing views!

Day 4. Snæfellsjökull Volcano in the Snaefellsnes Peninsula

We will first head to the Snæfellsjökull Volcano, which was mentioned in Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. It is located at 190 km from Reykjavik, take Road N1 and then N54. We also recommend you to visit the village of Arnastapi and Djúpalónssandur, a black lava beach with a rich Viking story. Here you will be able to see some traditional Icelandic houses with grass roof and whale bones at the local museum.

Day 5. Off to the North: Akureyri

Widely known as the “capital of the north” here you have plenty of activities to do. It is a very important port and fishing area in Iceland and even though it lies in the very north of the Island, its climate is surprisingly mild.


Day 6. Pearls of the North

There are many activities available in this area and it is not far away from Akureyri, first we are going to head to Husavík which is just 93 kilometers away from the capital of the North. Join a whale watching tour. Eyjafjördur is considered one of the most beautiful fjords of the north of Iceland! afterwards, we are going to keep on driving through route 85 heading to Lake Mytvan.

  • If you still got time, visit Dimmuborgir, Hverfjall and Námafjall.

Day 7. Welcome to the Blue Lagoon of the North

We are visiting Ásbyrgi, Dettifoss and Jarðböðin where you will be able to take a relaxing hot bath in its blue waters.

Day 8. East Fjords

Here you can check the Hengifoss waterfall and enjoy the stunning view of the river Lagarfljot’s valley. If you feel like hiking, make sure to go to Eskifjörður and Norðfjörður.

Day 9. It’s Glacier Time!

We are visiting the third biggest glacier in the world: Vatnajökull. In Skaftafell, you can get information on how this area was formed and details on the Grimsvötn volcano that is hidden under the glacier.

Day 10. Sailing among Icebergs: Jökulsárlón

In this amazing glacier lake you can join sailing tours, snowmobiling in the surrounded area and enjoy the lava fields of Laki.

Road Trip Around Iceland In 14 Days

Road Trip Around Iceland in 14 Days

Day 11. Puffin watching and Vik black sand beach

Iceland’s most iconic bird! They are the cutest thing ever and you will absolutely love them. Head to Reynisfjara beach but beware the trolls!

Day 12. Landmannalaugar

Some leg stretching is necessary and in Landmannalaugar you got plenty of trekking trails to go to, like Laugahraun-Grænagil one. Afterwards you can relax at its famous hotspots.

Road Trip Around Iceland In 14 Days

Day 13. Hot water river: Hveragerði and Northern Lights

You can enjoy this peculiar hot water river and learn about geothermal energy. If you are coming during the winter time, get into the wilderness at night and watch the show! To learn how you can get to see them please check.

Day 14. Reykjavik and back home!

Time to enjoy the city to the fullest before saying goodbye to Iceland.

Now you have no excuses, with this road trip around Iceland in 14 days you have a great route to get the most out of your holidays!

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