Phone Companies and SIM Cards in Iceland

Sim Cards In Iceland

One of the most recurrent issues when leaving the country is how to stay connected. Whether our trip is for doing business abroad and we need to be online all the time, or perhaps we just want to share all the details of our vacation and not miss any conversation. In this post, we will analyze the best phone companies and SIM cards in Iceland, listed in order of both quality and price.

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Sim Cards In Iceland

1) Síminn

Síminn is the oldest phone company in Iceland, with the widest coverage and therefore the best quality. You can buy their SIM cards in Iceland at Keflavik Airport, Duty-free store, Tourist information point or at any Síminn shop from €20, including 10 GB data

2) Vodafone

Vodafone is the second company in our ranking due to its quality-price ratio. If you fly with Icelandair, you can and collect it on the plane and you also have the option to buy The SIM card on board for € 23, including 2 GB of data, unlimited Talk & Text domestically and 50 minutes for overseas calls. As with Síminn company, it is possible to buy it at the Duty-free shop or at any Vodafone store.

3) Nova

Nova is the third biggest company in the land of fire and ice to offer SIM cards in Iceland. Its connection would be enough if you are staying in and around Reykjavik. Their website is just in Icelandic version, though their rates are a little cheaper.

Sim Cards In Iceland

If your airline is Wowair, you can buy a Nova SIM card on board for €15, it covers 1GB data, Nova to Nova: Free On-Net Unlimited calling and 1.000 ISK.

In conclusion, there are 3 reasons why we suggest that you buy a Símmin or Vodafone SIM Card:

1) Símmin has the best coverage in the country, with Nova you probably run out of signal in remote areas. You can check the coverage map of both companies before choosing one:

Nova coverage map.

Síminn coverage map.

2) You can buy a Vodafone card in advance and receive it on the Icelandair plane, which is convenient and smart if you fly with them. This way, you can directly set it on board and turn it right in the airport. Now you would be able to let your loved ones know you had a safe flight!

3) Síminn and Vodafone websites have plenty of information in English about their prepaid plans, while in the Nova page everything is written in Icelandic, which is not useful if you do not speak the local language.

Sim Cards In Iceland

Phone Companies and SIM Cards in Iceland

Keep in mind that you will have a new Icelandic phone number, provided to you with the SIM card stuff. For this reason, I recommend you to just use data mobile for calls and text via Whatsapp or Skype and keep your Icelandic minutes to hand tours, restaurants, bookings etc.

Don’t forget to bring your unlocked cell phones to stay connected with your loved ones!

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