Top 10 Mobile Apps When Visiting Iceland

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Nowadays technology is pretty much everywhere! Our daily life has become so attached to our smartphone that companies have created so many Mobile Apps to make our lives easier. Here you have a top 10 of the most useful ones in Iceland.

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Mobile Apps

  1. Iceland travel

These Mobile Apps are a must have, this one in particular will help you organizing your trip from the beginning and will also be your personal guide while in Iceland. Really easy to use, it’s divided in different sections with tips on what to visit, where to stay, how to rent the best cars… and we love the section with routes of different lengths for all publics. It’s like a free travel agency!

  1. 112 Iceland

Obviously this is one of the main mobile app, as safety comes first in every trip. This app can send you location anywhere you are, and it’s really important as many problems with travelers in Iceland are related with weather conditions or getting lost in the nature.

  1. Vedur

This is considered the best app for weather forecast in Iceland, that’s why it’s on our top ten apps. It also shows current weather conditions provided by the Icelandic meteorological Office. Your location is detected by GPS and you can also enable notifications and alerts. You can also check their website.

  1. Appy hour

If you are seeking for cheap beer or cocktails everywhere you go, this is your Mobile App. It shows daily happy hour info all around Reykjavik and it even shows places nearby where you are. It will help you saving some Crones that I’m sure you will use for something else!

Mobile Apps

  1. Iceland Travel & Tourism Guide

This is a free guide from Iceland, made by locals, tourists, photographers… It will help you to plan your trip and not to miss anything.

  1. Strætó

Strætó had to be on our top 10 apps because for public transportation, this a real must have. It gives you updated information of bus lines, stops, arrival time, current locations… You can also buy you tickets in advance online with card. Don’t freeze waiting for the bus in the cold!

  1. Tinder

Yes, we also use Tinder in Iceland. It’s great to meet local people and also, who knows? Maybe you fall in love in the land of fire and ice

Mobile Apps

Top 10 Mobile Apps When Visiting Iceland

  1. Iceland Road guide

In addition to your GPS, or in case you don’t have one, this app will get you anywhere you want to go with its maps, pictures and texts. Another useful tool regarding road conditions is the website.

  1. Triposo

This free and useful mobile app will teach you some Icelandic before your trip, showing common phrases and pronunciations. There is a huge community behind Triposo that makes it better and better. There are some routes to do and it’s really easy as the app will find where exactly you are and will guide you walking around the city.

  1. Bensínvaktin

We had to include this one on our top 10 Mobile Apps when visiting Iceland, even if it’s only in Icelandic. It’s really easy to use and understand and it gives you prices from all the petrol stations around you, so you can save some money by choosing the cheapest one!

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