Best Places To Drink Local Beer In Reykjavik – Let’s Have A Sip!

Local Beer In Reykjavik

Beer is probably one of the most famous beverages worldwide. Let alone in Europe where after being brought from Mesopotamia, a tons of types where produced. Most European countries are always in the top of list of beer consumption per capita. So I am sure that if you are heading to Iceland, you would like to taste some, right? Here you have the Best Places To Drink Local Beer In Reykjavik.

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Something you should keep in mind before coming to Iceland is that alcohol is incredibly expensive here! Even for a refreshing beer you have to dig deep into your pocket. And I mean really deep! Import of alcoholic beverages and tobacco are also limited in Iceland. That is why drinking local beer would be not only a good idea but a money saver!

Local Beer In Reykjavik

In Iceland, beer was banned for 74 years. Prohibition came into force in Iceland in 1915 and while it is normal in other countries to buy alcoholic beverages in the supermarket, you will not find alcohol in such places in Iceland. The sale of alcohol or beer is reserved only to special shops, which are operated by the government. Incidentally, the same applies to tobacco products.

Drinking local beer in Reykjavik is indeed a great way to avoid those imported products. And although local beer is probably still more expensive compared to your home country, you can get some promotions. The Appy Hour app keeps you up to date on all upcoming and ongoing Happy Hour promotions in Reykjavík. After all, it makes a difference whether you pay 1,100 ISK or 700 ISK for a big beer. So, straight to the point, let’s check some places to drink Local Beer In Reykjavik.

Local Beer In Reykjavik

Skúli Craftsbar

Its name could be translated to “Shelter” and I guess the craft on crafts bar gives you a hint on how local it is! Probably one of the classics of the Local Beer In Reykjavik.

They have an expert barman and a wide range of different type of beers. If it is hard for you to decide which one to take, check their tasting “menu” where you will have a sample of some of their best brews.

The bar has a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, snacks and light meals are also available. Depending on the day, you can even have live music! And by the way, they have some award winning recipes!

Address: Aðalstræti 9, 101 Reykjavik

Mikkeller & Friends Reykjavík

One of the oldest houses of the downtown area. But it did not make it to the top places to drink Local Beer In Reykjavik for its establishment year but for its tasteful options.

The owners meanly focused on beer so the food menu is not that varied. Anyway, keep in mind we are here for the drinks, aren’t we? From imperial stouts to pilsner, beer here is pleasant and full of flavor. Whatever your taste is, I am sure there will be one right for you out of their 20 drafts list.

Address: Hverfisgata 12, 101 Reykjavik

Local Beer In Reykjavik

Best Places To Drink Local Beer In Reykjavik – Let’s Get A Sip!

MicroBar Reykjavik

Rated one of the top 11 bars in Reykjavik by the CNN, it is a top place to drink Local Beer In Reykjavik. Just like Skúli, you can have a tasting menu of 10 of their tap beers. It provides a wide selection of Icelandic and beer form around the world as well.

Bar tender has a wide knowledge of beer, so if in doubt be sure to ask him and he will gladly guide you through your Icelandic beer experience.

Address: Vesturgata 2, 101 Reykjavik, go down to the basement.

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