5 Best Coffee Shops In Reykjavik

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Having a warm cup of coffee is a great pleasure for many. Although coffee does have some haters out there, Iceland in general is not one. Icelanders love coffee and coffee shops even more. Due to our weather, they offer a great sheltering place to chat and socialize in a warm and cozy environment. If you can’t go without coffee either, here you have the 5 Best Coffee Shops in Reykjavik.

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Coffee Shops In Reykjavik

We are a tiny country but the kilograms of coffee beans we consume here is overwhelming. With about 9kg of beans per year. This makes us the third largest coffee consumers per capita in the world in 2017. Impressive, uh?  In spite of being such coffee lovers, do not expect certain chains like Starbucks to rule over the island. There are none over here but there is no need to panic. You can find many local, amazing coffee shops everywhere! There is no way to miss your coffee break, so no excuses. Here is our 5 Best Coffee Shops in Reykjavik.

Mokka Café

Mokka s one of the oldest coffee shops in Reykjavik. It opened its doors back in 1958 and is still serving amazing coffee nowadays. In its decoration, you can still feel that 60s vibe. It makes its environment so unique and cozy that I just love it.

The local is not too big, but its coffee mugs compensate! They are big and the coffee is made with the classical coffee machine. But coffee is not the only delicacy you can taste in this café, you got waffles and baked goods as well!

Reykjavik Roasters

The environment for this coffee shop is so private, homey and intimate as it can be! When you come in, you can smell the pleasant fragrance of beans being roasted right there! You can even see the sacks of coffee beans in the shop. This might be one of the reasons why is in the top Coffee shops in Reykjavik.

Coffee Shops In Reykjavik

It is a relaxing place so you can go and have a cup of coffee while reading a bit about anything interesting. Or just to warm you after a long day out in the cold weather. You can have your coffee with scones and butter, croissants or many other bakery goods that are delicious too!

Stofan Café

A charming somewhat vintage looking café. Stofan has a wide variety of coffee served in an old captivating wooden building in the city center.

So you can enjoy your free time here, they got board games and books available for any customer to enjoy. If you fancy a heartier food, then this is also the place to go. Lunches are offered here along with cakes, paninis and soups!

Café Babalú

Besides having great coffee (that is of course, the most importante thing). Café Babalú has such a funky, quirky somewhat bizarre decoration that makes it quite unique in Reykjavik.

Most people love it because of its food, amazing coffee and magical atmosphere. They offer food and vegan options as well.

Coffee Shops In Reykjavik

5 Best Coffee Shops In Reykjavik


To me, it is like the Starbucks of Iceland. Kaffitar is an Icelandic chain of coffee shops in Reykjavik. They have great coffee with a great variety of coffee and food.

The place can be very relaxing or have chit-chat everywhere as it buzzes with people coming in and out. You can by their grounded coffee mixtures in the store and take it back home. They have about 7 coffee shops in Reykjavik and the Reykjanesbær area. Plenty of options to try it out!

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