Let’s Get Into Action: Most Followed Sports in Iceland

Sports In Iceland

When we want to know what a country is like, we usually focus on their culture, gastronomy and tradition. It is not that common to check also what that country excel at certain sports. But the truth is, there is a whole range of different sports in several countries. They can be a great example of what their culture is like and how their community spend their time together. Here you can get an idea of the Most Followed Sports in Iceland.

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Sports In Iceland

Sports can be indeed a representation of how societies interact and associate. Many of such sports and activities have a long run history that evolved at the same pace as society did. It is a sign of cooperation, sharing and understanding each other as a nation. Some of these sports can revive the sense of belonging to your own nation and it creates a bond that helps creating a link between those who do not even know each other.

In the case of Iceland, we are a tiny nation but we can proudly say that we are also a very sporty one. Some of our nationals even made it to the top of the international success circle. But are the Most Followed Sports in Iceland the same as in your own country? Well, let’s compare.


Believe it or not, it is basically Iceland’s national sport. This game with two teams of seven platers each where the ball is grabbed by hand, as its own name states. The team that scores more goals, wins.

It became an Olympic game back in 1936. It has been a huge part of the Icelandic society. The team achieved a great position in many games and actually won the Silver Medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The team is controlled by the Icelandic Hand Ball Association, that formed back in 1957.


I guess this was the one you were expecting from the very beginning of this sports in Iceland article. Well, as a European country it could not be in any other way! Football is quite popular in Iceland. And although we are a tiny and not dense populated country, our team is currently in the 20th position of the FIFA ranking. Not bad uh?

Sports In Iceland

If you are a sport follower, you may know Icelandic international figures such as Eiður Smári Gudjohnsen who signed for Chelsea F.C and Barcelona F.C.  Top clubs of the English and Spanish leagues.

The national Icelandic team went viral for their Viking Thunder clap celebration in the Euro 2016.

These are basically the most followed sports in Iceland. People gather at pubs or bars to watch the matches or reunite at public places for important and special occasions. But besides these two, basketball, horseback riding, swimming, chess and athletics are also quite popular in Iceland.

Sports In Iceland

Let’s Get Into Action: Most Followed Sports in Iceland

Iceland excels in many of these sports and is able to actually compete with countries that actually triple our own population.

A special mention should be made to archery, an old Viking sport in Iceland that has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. It is open to the public, so now you know, whatever you do, being a coach potato is not an option!

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