5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Landmannalaugar

Visit Landmannalaugar

If there is a place in Iceland where you can discover several worlds in just one area, that is Landmannalaugar. You probably heard about this region as we can basically consider it one of the most popular sites and destinations of all Iceland. We are not exaggerating when we say that visiting Landmannalaugar is like visiting many tiny little worlds. As you walk by further into the area you will be able to see large grass areas, desert-like places and some landscapes that might even make you feel like you are closer to the moon than to the earth. If this sounds good, then stick around and find out 5 reasons why you should visit Landmannalaugar.

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Visit Landmannalaugar

Landmannaluagar is in what we call the highlands, an inhabited interior area of Iceland where the nature offers its show at its purest. Due to its location, you can only access it during the summer or once the F-Roads are open.  If you are heading there with your rental vehicle, please bear in mind a 4×4 is require and there are rivers you would need to ford. But do not back down! We promise after you get there, it is absolutely worth to check and rules out this 5 reasons why you should visit Landmannalaugar:

  1. Third Largest Geothermal Area on earth

Iceland is a volcanic island that was formed “recently” if we refer to it in geological terms. This circumstances not only provides us with huge volcanos that block Europe (sorry dudes) but also with boiling water that float out into the surface creating amazing geothermal hotpots and bathing areas.  If amazing hot springs and warm pools were not enough, there is also a geothermal warm river! Awesome, right?

  1. Popular Hiking Trails

Do you enjoy to be out in the nature, discover great landscapes while you exercise a bit? Then this is what you are looking for. Landmannalaugar offers several hiking trails of every level, from beginners to expert level. One of the most famous trails is the Laugavegurinn and it can approximately 5 days to complete depending on your pace. You will get to see beautiful mountains, glaciers, rivers and their waterfalls and many other geological formations.

Visit Landmannalaugar

  1. Rhyolite Mountains

Now that we are talking about geological formations, have you ever heard about Rhyolite mountains?  Rhyolite is a type of rock that forms from magma and volcanic material. It can range from pale grey to a reddish tone, and you will get to see them all at Landmannalaugar. This type of rocks has created such beautiful, colorful, wavy mountains you will get an otherworldly feeling when you step in.

  1. Lava Fields

This one is pretty much a must. This is a volcanic island and you cannot visit a volcanic place without being at a lava Field. This lava field formed after an eruption around 1477 of the Brennisteinsalda volcano. Its name means “the burning mountain”. Here the scenery turns from colorful mountains to a grayish tone. When I visit it, it makes me feel as if I were in the moon.

  1. Relaxation Area

As we stated before in this 5 reasons why you should visit Landmannalaugar, this area of the country is basically inhabited. If you are looking for a place to be away of mundane problems, madding crowds and stress of today’s modern life, then here you have what you need. There are many companies that offer self-guided tours allowing you to hike freely in the area, enjoying the sound of nature, of a restoring warm bath. No schedules for a while…no rush.

Visit Landmannalaugar

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Landmannalaugar

If you needed to find a good reason why you should visit Landmannalaugar, we do hope these 5 reasons convinced you well enough to get there. If something I am sure of is that once you get to know Landmannalaugar, you will understand that there should not be a single reason why, this is simply a must!

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