The North of Iceland is a very unique place that you can not miss in your visit. Some say that this area holds one of the best kept secrets of the country. From impressive waterfalls to ancient rock and lava formations, you will be instantly captivated by nature. Come join us in the quest to reveal our best top picks from amazing Touristic Attractions In North Iceland.

Touristic Attractions In North Iceland

Dettifoss Waterfall

First off we have Dettifoss, known to be one of the most powerful and unique waterfalls in all Europe is definitely a must seen due to its grayish colors. You can access Dettifoss when doing the Diamond Circle (between Husavik and Mývatn). There are basic facilities nearby, such as toilets and information kiosks. Prepare yourself to experience the forces of nature and incredible views. Make sure to have your tripod to catch a cool photo while there. It is surely worth of being in our Touristic Attractions In North Iceland list!

Mývatn Nature Baths

You may have heard that Iceland has a large number of public pools which can be found along your way. Yes, that is true! Why not stopping for a quick dip along with some local cuisine (Kvika restaurant and drinks by the water) Mývatn invites you to relax and enjoy this well renowned thermal baths that have been a very important part of Icelander’s lives. If you enjoy less crowded places, this is your call as this pool is not as touristic as others found closer to Reykjavík.

Touristic Attractions In North Iceland


We will now head to Akureyri to see one of the most important symbols of the city. Akureyrarkirkja (Church of Akureyri) is a Lutheran church located on top of a hill that offers a captivating view of the town. Along with a beautiful basalt exterior and impressive pipe organ, there is a suspended boat hanging from the ceiling. Why is that? This is a Nordic tradition consisting of the protection of our loved ones while at sea. I think this is by far one of the coolest Touristic Attractions In North Iceland.


Exploring the town of Husavik, you will find a rather interesting place called Dimmuborgir which in English will be translated as “dark castles or forts”. Once you start walking, there are a number of paths that will lead to dramatic rock and lava formations. There are routes that take between 10 to 60 minutes walk in the area. For Icelanders, this place has another meaning, related to folklore as mythical creatures are an attractive way for parents to bring their children here.

Touristic Attractions In North Iceland

Amazing Touristic Attractions In North Iceland

Viti Crater

You can make a small detour from the main road to stop at Viti Crater. It is such a unique place to visit as walking around the rim of the crater is such a unique way to explore the area. The views are simply astonishing and worth the hike, be careful of strong winds when taking a picture! There are also a few things to check out, such as the geothermal power plant and a natural hot shower if you are in for a treat.

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