5 Forgotten Waterfalls in Iceland

5 Forgotten Waterfalls In Iceland

Iceland is a country with amazing landscapes, its scenery is full of wonderful peaks, volcanos and glaciers. Even though sometimes we forget about them, they are absolutely worth mentioning. We are referring to waterfalls. Iceland got plenty of them! Some of you might already know about the most common ones, but in this article I would like to introduce you to some hidden but still amazing waterfalls. Here you have 5 forgotten waterfalls in Iceland.

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Forgotten Waterfalls In Iceland

The reason behind why there are so many waterfalls in Iceland is basically due to its climate.  It is quite humid and it creates constant precipitation both in rain and snow. When the winter comes to an end and the temperatures gets higher, all of this snow layers become thawed. Water then flows down to the rivers increasing its current level. If you mix this with the steep peaks, cliffs, ridges easily found in Iceland, you get amazing water drops anywhere around the country.

Ready to discover some amazing not-to-famous waterfalls? Join us!


Hraun means Lava in Icelandic and foss would translate to fall. This is an amazing waterfall; you will get to see how spring waters flows through porous lava rock. The streams pour out from the walls of lava and end up falling into the river Hvita. The highest drop is 900 meters; it is not a huge drop but the waterfall is quite wide instead. It is particularly beautiful in Autumn, when the bushes turn golden yellow, orange and pale green. The contract with the dark rocks, the fall colors and the water is just breathtaking.

Forgotten Waterfalls In Iceland


An amazing waterfall in an interesting shape. To me it looks like a gigantic bride vail. Its height is of about 100 meters. It is one of the main waterfalls of the West Fjords region. Something that I love about this waterfall is that you can get really close to it, walk almost to the base where the water clashes. You need to be careful anyway because the way to the base is very slippery and moldy.


Do you want to experience what it feels like to be behind a waterfall? If you do want to change the point of view from the front side to the back side, then this is the place to go. It is hidden behind a slim canyon. Once you get through its groove, you will sight this delightful waterfall. This one is not high, it only has a 40-meter water drop, but the surroundings and the way it is hidden behind the cliffs makes it absolutely worth visiting.

Forgotten Waterfalls In Iceland

5 Forgotten Waterfalls in Iceland


Time to head to the north of Iceland. This dazzling waterfall is basically not famous so not many people besides locals have heard of it. It is not close to the road so you would need to pull over and walk down the path to it. Be careful as there is mud and the path can be quite slippy. The waters fall into a gorge of amazing turquoise color. Get off the beaten path! this one had to be in our forgotten waterfalls in Iceland list!


This waterfall is located in central Iceland. It used to have a natural bridge above it, made of rock. Sadly, it collapsed due to erosion and became one of those forgotten waterfalls in Iceland. Located at the Eldgjá canyon, the water flows through its fissures. The waterfall is divided into a two-level cascade. There is a viewing platform near so you can see this wonder closely.

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