Whale Watching Iceland – Fascinating Whale Watching In Husavik

Whale Watching Iceland

Let me tell you about one of my favorite activities that my country has to offer. I am talking about Whale Watching Iceland (Húsavík). For years, this beautiful location in Diamond Circle has been recognized all over the world for being the best place to experience Whale Watching in all Iceland.

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Whale Watching Iceland

You will be amazed by the great variety of species that can be spotted in Húsavík. Such as the Humpbacks, they are quite friendly with humans due to their playful nature.

Learn, discover and enjoy the beauty of Husavik and its sea giants.

Did you know that Blue Whale was also a guest in Húsavík? Yes, its appearance is rare but some say that its size is compared to a SUV and only its tongue can weigh more than an elephant! Whales are to be seen breaching, slapping and sometimes feeding from distance, if you are lucky. Due to their size, children and families are likely to be amazed by the spectacle.

Personally, I can recommend to take a guided tour in order to enjoy this activity to its fullest. There are a few agencies that specialise on Whale Watching In Húsavík. If you are not used to the sea, Husavik offers its visitors, nice cafés and pharmacies if you need to get any medication beforehand. It will be worth the occasional sea sickness, trust me.

Whale Watching Iceland

You can travel with from a local company, Visit Askja, and live a one in a lifetime adventure on board of their traditional oak boats. Whale Watching Iceland with Visit Askja is different and special!

These trips take about 3-4 hours, so there is plenty of time to take pictures and enjoy the view along with your family and friends. Don’t forget your camera! My friendly advice is always to keep an eye on the weather before the start of your activity as sometimes it can lead to motion sickness for some people.

After a long day, what about making a pause to grab something to eat. Naustið is well know for their fresh fish, soups and nice cold beer. You will love the place! Find out more about them online.

Whale Watching Iceland

While in Húsavík you can also visit the Húsavík Whale Museum for learning more about these wonderful animals and this iconic place. I would definitely recommend it before heading to the sea!

For those who are planning to stay in Húsavík. I can recommend a nice hotel to spend the night or to sleep for a few days Fosshotel Húsavík. It is cozy and close to the sea. Rating: 3*

I really hope you enjoy Whale Watching In Húsavík as it is one of the most unique experiences you will enjoy while travelling in our country. It’s packed with joy and excitement. Safe travels!

Whale Watching Iceland

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