What to do in Patreksfjörður – Westfjords


Far in the North Atlantic, almost completely detached from the rest of Iceland, you can find Western Fjords. The region is known from English as Westfjords and is one of the most spectacular part of Iceland. Its area is already in the Arctic zone so in winter the sun does not appear above the horizon for nearly 2 months.

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If you are an adventurer, this is a dream place for you as the are has scarce population. The scenery here is really amazing, unique in its way. You can see here sluggish mountains, unimaginably deep fjords along tiny fishermen villages lurking in the traditional balance of life.


One of those villages is Patreksfjörður. Its name was given in honor to St. Patrick who was the spiritual guide of Örlygar Hrappoon, the original settler in the area. In 2015 the village had around 650 inhabitants. The local inhabitants’s main job is fishing.

Near the Patreksfjörður there is a new campsite. It is near the town and easily accessible. The camping place provides you with all the necessary facilities like toilets, showers, washing machines, kitchenette where you can prepare your meal. campsite is also equipped with the electricity and waste disposal for motorhomes. It is a perfect stop for mobile travelers and gives an opportunity to spend a lovely day in the town.

Beside the camping site, Patreksfjörður offers as well various hotels where you can stay if you travel by car or public transport. The best rated hotels here are Hotel West in the town center. It provides you with breakfast, free WIFI access and very helpful staff which along with an amazing view of Westfjords makes it a perfect choice.


Ráðagerði would be a second choice. It also provides you with a Wifi access and breathtaking views of fjords and village. It is set in a really convenient location as it’s only 60km from Latrabjarg Cliff which is a popular bird watching point.

The town on its own is quite small but you can find here some places to taste the typical cousin. I need to mention here Heimsendi serving a great seafood. Meals here are always quite tasty, they cook it carefully with attention and what’s more, with a beautiful presentation. It is also a good place to come with your little ones as there is a small corner for them to play.

There are many things to do in here. Patreksfjörður has its historical site and some cultural attractions to explore. Not without reason it is a favourite point on the travelers’ map. Main reason is Dynjandi waterfall which is set around 1 and half an hour drive away. It is a treasure of the fjords. This place is simply amazin and evokes the enchanted charm. Long time ago there was a farm here. To get there, it will take you around 20 minutes walk but it is worth any effort!


Next thing to do in Patreksfjörður? Without a doubt, it will be visiting Látrabjarg cliffs, the remote westernmost place in Europe. The cliffs of all the rocks in Latrabjarg are home to the birds.

What to do in Patreksfjörður – Westfjords

The cliffs are so steep that they make a dizzying impression. Alkanes are very common here and are particularly tame.

Taking a side road nr. 612, near the intersection just off the roads on the beach there is another attraction which you must see wher you are already in Latrabjarg. On the beach, there is the first Icelandic ship Garðar BA 64 made of Norwegian steel in 1912. It is now the guardian of the beach after almost 70 years of usage.

Patreksfjörður is a worth seeing place in Iceland and the Westfjords region, there is no doubt about it. You will find here beautiful landscapes, easily accessible routes, wildlife and picturesque bays which you will never forget!

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