Domestic Airports and Flights to Iceland

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Keflavik international airport is by far the best known airport in Iceland, but there are many other airports that are really important to link the different parts of the country. There are 33 main airports in Iceland –although there are around 90 airport runaways – , but only a few of them have passenger service on commercial airlines. We will talk about these domestic airports and Flights in Iceland on this post.

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Air transportation is quite important in this country because of the difficult geography and the sparse population, while there are no public railways and the main transport is the island is the car. However, it could take around 5 hours to get from Reykjavik to Akureyri by car but the flight is only 45 minutes.

Flights In Iceland

Reykjavik Domestic Airport lies in the city centre of the capital. This is the main hub for domestic Flights in Iceland: It will take less than an hour to fly to Isafjordur (Westfjords), to Akureyri in the North or to Egilsstadir in the East!

Akureyri International Airport. From the capital of the North, you can fly to many Icelandic locations as Reykjavik, Grimsey Island in North as well as Thorshofn and Vopnafjordur in the East with scheduled flights. This airport even has international scheduled flight to Greenland as well as charter flights. There you have services as car rentals, a bistro and a duty free shop.

Egilsstaðir International Airport, located on Egilsstaðanes peninsula, also fulfils the requirements for international flights in Iceland, and it’s used as an alternative for Keflavik airport flights when needed. The reliability of domestic scheduled flights is good and the facilities are open 24 hours.

Ísafjörður Airport. It has only one airstrip and its runway is in a fjord, which makes this airport unique and challenging for pilots. You can even watch videos online of extreme airport approaches in Ísafjörður Airport.

Flights In Iceland

Vestmannaeyjar Airport in the island of Heimaey in the Westman Islands; people also call it Westman Island Airport. The main airline on this two-runway airport is Eagle Air with daily flights to Reykjavik from 105€. There are also many private flights to Bakki Airport, taking about 7 minutes! This airport aime was to evacuate elderly and patients from hospital during Eldfell’s volcanic eruption in 1973.

Hornafjörður Airport serves Höfn area and Eagle Air operates 4 flights a week from Höfn and Reykjavik from 160€.

Grímsey Airport. This airport located on a small island has only one destination: Akureyri. It’s operated by Norlandair daily. It might seem strange to have an airport in a 40km island but this place is the favourite one for many visitors to enjoy the midnight sun as the Arctic circle goes across the island and lately Polar bears have arrived in drift ice from Greenland!

Bíldudalur Airport. Vesturbyggð area has the services of this little airport in the Westfjords. Flights from and to Reykjavik cost about 175€ by Eagle air

Flights In Iceland

Domestic Airports and Flights to Iceland

Vopnafjörður Airport is located at the Northeast and Air Iceland offers daily flights from here to Reykjavik. This airport can also accommodate small charter flights and private aircrafts.

Þórshöfn Airport or Thorshofn Airport. It had a gravel surface runway really short of only 5 km in the past. Air Iceland links Reykjavik and Thorshofn.

Gjögur Airport. The Westfjords area of Árneshreppur is served by this airport which only opens for flights from Flugfélag Ernir airline, twice a week in winter and once a week during summer. It might seem insignificant, but this airport is basic for the local population. As during winter roads are impassable. This is the only way to supply population with food and another goods as well as providing transport.

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