Glacier Hiking in Iceland – Where and When

Hiking In Iceland

It is not weird to think that our country is full of ice when its name is Iceland right?  Although it is not the only classical element present in the island, it is indeed quite common. This type of nature allows many outdoor activities and today we are talking about Glacier hiking in Iceland. But, what exactly is a glacier?

A glacier is an ice formation. The result of layers and layers of snow that had enough time to turn into ice. As you may already know, they are quite big. For them to reach such size, it takes not only years but centuries. That is why Glacier hiking in Iceland and checking them is like glazing and touching a piece of our own past.

Hiking In Iceland

Hiking in Iceland is a very common activity. We have beautiful landscapes to wander around, spend the day and discover. If you mix that wonderful experience with something as amazing as a glacier, that is basically the ultimate Icelandic experience. Do you want to know about Glacier hiking in Iceland? just keep on reading, here you have everything you need to know:

Where to Glacier Hike:

There are great areas with amazing ice caves full of hidden adventures awaiting you. Let’s start off with the largest glacier in Iceland:

  • Vatnajökull: actually is not only the largest glacier in the island, it is the largest glacier in Europe! It is a national park that covers 8% of the island’s surface. Its area is about 8100km2 where the most diverse scenery offers leisure and entertainment for everyone.

Hiking In Iceland

Preferred areas for hiking in this glacier are Skaftafell and The Hjallanes loop.

  • Langjökull: the second largest for Glacier Hiking in Iceland. Its name translate as “the long glacier” it is about 50km long. Snowmobiling, ice cave and hiking activities is a constant in this area.
  • Sólheimajökull: it is not one of the largest glaciers in Iceland. It is a glacier tongue that is absolutely worth checking out. You can reach it by taking the Ring Road or road N1 and it is a very popular destination for Glacier Hiking in Iceland and ice cave tours. There are great tunnels in the area, if you want to discover them, joining a guided tour would be a great idea.

When to go Hiking:

Many of these tours are available all year long. Depending on the one you choose and the time of the year, the area can be easier to reach or not.  This should not be a problem if you are joining a guided tour. They usually have an expert guide who knows the area quite well and will know how to take the group safely.

So, to choose your preferred season, it is better to weight all the activities you would like to do while in Iceland. You can always count on Glacier Hiking in Iceland all throughout the year.

Hiking In Iceland

Glacier Hiking in Iceland – Where and When

What to wear:

We know that taking special gear on your holidays is basically impossible. We all need the tiny kg allowance the airline company gives us for our basic stuff and clothing. But that is something you should not worry about as most tours operators include gear such as crampons and ice axes. Either way, be sure to bring along water and windproof clothing as well as sturdy hiking shoes. Remember they also need to be waterproof as you will be waking on snow.  Staying dry in cold and windy climate is very important.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful experience. If you decide to join, it will be for sure an unforgettable activity.

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