A Guide to the Westman Islands

Westman Islands

If you think the majesty of Iceland can only be found at the mainland, take a look round! Do not miss the chance to visit the small yet incredible little islands chains Iceland offers. Of course, we will talk about all of them, but today I’ll be focusing on the archipelago, known as Westman Islands or Vestmannaeyjar.

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This group of 15 islands are located in the southernmost point of the country, and each one of them has its own kind of beauty. It is appropriate to remark that all these islands emerged from the ocean, due to an eruption from a volcano. Let’s start talking about the main ones.

Westman Islands

Although the Westmans are 15 in total, Heimæy is the inhabited one. The population, around 4.000 inhabitants, live mainly by fishing and hunting, especially bird hunting. Notwithstanding, the gradual rising of the tourism affluence has had an immensely positive impact over their economics, as it has become a popular destination on where to enjoy a whale and puffin watching tour. You should note that the highest winds you will ever find in Iceland, can be found right here!


On the other hand, it is important to point out that this island, as for its volcanic origin, has faced some eruptions of which the most recent one took place in 1973, and it lasted for 5 months. Fortunately, only one person died since the population was evacuated on time. Nowadays you can visit the Eldheimar volcanic museum, where you can visit and look at the Eldfell’s last eruption ruins.

We strongly encourage you to climb up Eldfell, so you will find yourself staring at a wonderful view; moreover, once you are at the top, you will be able to feel the heat still rising from the inside. Climbing is one of the main leisure activities people practice here.

Westman Island

Visit The Westman Islands

Finally, here you go a couple of tips for getting into this incredible archipelago of Westman Islands:

  • Take the ferry from Landeyjahöfn, it is only a 30-minute ride. You can buy your tickets online. We suggest booking them in advance to ensure your incredible trip.
  • There is a small airport on the island, regular flights depart from Reykjavik and land in Heimæy daily.

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