Camper Rental Iceland: from Motorhomes to Campervans

Camper Rental Iceland

It is not the first time we have talked about several ways of traveling around the country so now we are introducing a new option; in this Camper Rental Iceland: from motorhomes to campervans article, you will discover this amazing possibility you may not have thought about. So, take a seat and join us!

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Camper Rental Iceland

Flexibility and freedom, those are the adjectives that come to my mind when thinking about a motorhome or a campervan. As you should already know by now, Iceland is a tiny country with low population density. The tourism industry has developed at an incredible pace over the years as the demand of visitors has increased exponentially, but it is still not comparable to any other country where hospitality is its main industry. This means that during the high season, availability for accommodation is significantly reduced while at the same time, prices skyrocket. And it is not like Icelandic prices were much cheaper before…

That is exactly why we thought writing this Camper Rental Iceland: from motorhomes to campervans post as it would help our readers and those travelers looking for a great- yet affordable- solution.

What is a motorhome or a campervan?

They are a compact mobile home. Yep, you basically have a tiny apartment you can take anywhere, anytime. These recreation vehicles come equipped with a sleeping area, cooking and dining and of course, the driving area.  In our title, Camper Rental Iceland: from motorhomes to campervans, we mention two different types of vehicle: motorhome and Campervan.

Motorhome: They come with lavatory and shower.

Campervan: an adapted van with a sleeping area but does not come with lavatory nor shower.

Campervans are usually more compact and so is their price. Motorhomes tend to bigger in size, more powerful and spacious. Both of them have a quite complete equipment!

Camper Rental Iceland

What is the best option then? Well, it really depends on what you are looking for. Do not back out from your campervan reservation just because of their different circumstances. Everything has a solution and we will surely provide it later on in this Camper Rental Iceland: from motorhomes to campervans post.

Why should I rent a motorhome or a campervan?

Because of its versatility. As simple as that. You can forget about no vacancy hotel signs, high prices per night, strict routes and schedules provided by guided tours, last minute cancellations because of weather conditions and being able to cook in its kitchen will, for sure, save you a lot of money.

Where should I rent?

Just like car rental companies, they are mainly based in Reykjavik and the Keflavik area. We have carried out a comparison from the most famous companies in Iceland, from local companies to well-known franchises you can check.

Regardless of the company you choose for your rental be sure to check these points:

  • What is included in the rental and what is not: unlimited kilometer, insurances and their deductible, taxes. Equipment is also important so be sure to check if bed linen, gas bottle to cook and kitchen and dinnerware is included.
  • Do the company block any amount from your credit card as a guarantee? It is better to ask before than to be left with no credit while traveling!
  • Returning conditions: Motorhomes come with water tanks and sewage tanks. Check the returning conditions of these in order to avoid any extra surcharge.

Camper Rental Iceland

One of the main questions we get regarding rented vehicles is Can I camp anywhere? And I am afraid the answer is no, you cannot.

Iceland nature is quite fragile and the number of visitors will not stop increasing each year. That is why parking and overnight stays needed to be urgently regulated. So we as Icelanders, strongly advise you to park in designated areas. This is nothing to get worried about because we have plenty of them around the island! This is the solution offered by this Camper Rental Iceland: from motorhomes to campervans post for those travelers that rented a campervan, besides gas stations, of course!

Camper Rental Iceland: from motorhomes to campervans

Most campsites do have lavatory and shower facilities so you can easily plan your stops along the way and just head there when needed! Some of them are open all year long.

Extra tips:

  • Always check the road conditions at before starting your route.
  • Obey the speed limit at all times.
  • Take the 112 emergency app with you. You can download it to your phone using your provider’s store.

Have a nice trip! Góða ferð!

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