Icelandic Airlines and Travel Routes – Fly Away, Get Away!

Icelandic Airlines

Iceland, as you may already know, it located in the North Atlantic Ocean. And given that we are a tiny island, we need to find routes of transportation with other countries. Today’s fastest and more efficient ways of doing so is by plane. So as you probably will come to Iceland in one, check this Icelandic airlines and Travel Routes post!

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Icelandic Airlines

Long time ago, when the first settlers came to Iceland, they did so by ships and boats. The old good Vikings were seafarers, so probably that was their favorite way to traveling around the oceans. We can say this way of transportation still exists nowadays in Iceland. Well, of course in a much modern way. Do not panic, there is no need to row in a ship across the ocean. The modern way would be the ferries we all know. Much better right? Well, kind of.

Ferries are only available at certain location such as traveling to Vestmannaeyjar, an archipelago off the South coast of Iceland or the connection ferry between Denmark and the East Coast of Iceland. But that would be pretty much it. So, as Iceland started opening to the world, we needed way more connections and a fastest way of traveling. That was when the first Icelandic Airlines company was created. From having just one, we slowly started to have more companies and options to choose from. At the same time, destinations and connections started to flourish.

Nowadays, we have 8 Icelandic airlines companies operating in the island. Not all of them are international airlines, they just operate within the country. As you may also catch a flight within Iceland, here you have the main ones:

Icelandic Airlines

International Icelandic Airlines Companies:

It is currently one of the most famous airlines in Iceland. And it is also the oldest one! It was founded in Akureyri, in the north of Iceland back in 1937. Its headquarters are in Keflavik international airport.

Icelandair currently flights to 16 countries, some of them are Canada, Germany, Spain, Norway, United Kingdom, United States…among others. This Icelandic Airlines is famous for its strategy of offering a stop or layover in Iceland for its transatlantic flights.

As Iceland is usually in the “middle” of Europe and America, you can enjoy some hours to even a week in Iceland before catching a flight to your final destination.

Quite famous as well for its bright pink color. It is a low cost carrier based at Keflavik International airport as well. It was founded in 2011 and it slowly started to focus on transatlantic flights as well.

The airline operates to a total of 33 destinations in countries such as the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Poland among others.

Domestic Icelandic Airlines Companies:

Icelandic Airlines

Icelandic Airlines and Travel Routes – Fly Away, Get Away!

It is based at Reykjavik domestic airport (not to be confused with the international one at Keflavik). Besides offering domestic flights, it also has tour and adventure services in Iceland.

It has scheduled flights from Reykjavik Airport to Höfn, Húsavik, Bíldudalur, Árneshreppur and Vestmannaeyjar. This last one if a very interesting and demanded destination within Iceland.

There are other companies such air Air Iceland, Bluebird Cargo, Norlandair or Mýflug but they are restricted to cargo operations or charter services to a few locations.

Now you know how to get to our country using our Icelandic Airlines Companies! Whichever airline you choose, we are glad you chose Iceland as a destination, so may you be welcome on board!

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