Top 5 Unexplored and Mysterious East Iceland Region Places

East Iceland Region

Every person that visits Iceland knows that each of its corners are absolutely magical and stunningly beautiful. Even though, and as in every country, there are some regions that are well-known and iconic, whilst some others are not so popular. In this article we are going to discover some of the hidden corners of East Iceland Region.

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The southern region of the country, along with Reykjavik, houses the majority of the country’s population. This region gathers as well several of the main tourist attractions: the Golden Circle, Landmannalaugar, Thigvellir… Both, the north and the west region have also famous places and cities, such as Akureyri and Húsavík in the north, and the Westfjords in the west.

East Iceland Region

And what happens in East Iceland Region? Is there something interesting?

The East Iceland Region is the most unexplored and mysterious part of Iceland. Does it mean that it is the less haunting region? Quite far from that.

Of course each one has their own reason, but if you have decided to visit Iceland trying to find the wildness, contrasts and peacefulness you could not find in any other place. Then you definitely should not miss the “Austurland”. You will experience things you will not probably find anywhere else.

Here we have summarized only few of the unforgettable places you can visit (at least once!) while in the East Iceland Region:

The Skaftafellsjökul Glacier

If you have ever thought about climbing a glacier or doing a hike, this is one of the best alternatives. The Vatnajökull glacier is the largest glacier in Iceland and the second of Europe. One of its glacier tongues, the Skaftafellsjökul, is the best alternative for those who have never walked on ice. The landscapes you will see will give you a comfortable feeling of loneliness and peace. Just go for it: at this point words are useless.

East Iceland Region

Eat langoustines at Humarhöfnin (Hofn)

Did you know that the best seafood is the one that have been raised in cold waters? Do not miss the chance of having some incredibly tasteful langoustine tails or either the langoustine soup. For sure you will go back with a full stomach, a great smile and a langoustine bib!

Visit Eskifjorður and Reyðarfjorður

There is not too much to be said about these two stunning fjords, since the amazing views will astound you. You only need to know that Reyðarfjorður is considered the most beautiful fjord in Iceland. We strongly recommend spending the night at Mjoeyri Guesthouse and taking a dip in their unusual yet incredible hot tub while you wait for the Northern Lights to appear. The experience is totally worth it!

Do horseback riding in Neskaupstaður

Looking for an unforgettable experience with Icelandic Horses? This region houses one of the most amazing landscapes you could enjoy when doing horseback riding in Iceland. Get in Skorrahestar’s Farm, at Norðfjörður, and follow the lead of Doddi or Sunna. Their ancestors built the farm more than 100 years ago and they have managed it ever since. Enjoy the  around you while riding their friendly, smart, well trained and fluffy horses! Accommodation is also available at this cosy farm.

East Iceland Region

Top 5 Unexplored and Mysterious East Iceland Region Places

Jökulsárlón (the Glacier Lagoon)

Of course we could not end up this post without mentioning Jökulsárlón, as known as the Glacier Lagoon. This natural wonder comes from the melting tongue of the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier, forming this huge, crystal blue and white lake. But as if this were not enough, this place is home to some arctic species! If you are planning on visiting Iceland in summer, you will luckily spot some seals or arctic terns!

If you still have time and want to know a bit more about the European origins of East Iceland, we recommend visiting Fáskrúðsfjörður, whose street names are still written both in French and Icelandic.

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