This is Why You Should Visit A Beer Spa in Iceland

Beer Spa In Iceland

Beer, along wine, is one of the oldest drinks you can think of in humanity history. It seems that the Egyptians and the Sumerian already drank beer. This alcoholic beverage is one of the most famous drinks right after water and tea. In Iceland we also love beer and as it has many benefits for your health we took one step forward. Instead of just drinking it, you can also get soaked in it! Welcome to Beer Spa in Iceland.

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Beer Spa In Iceland

According to historians, beer existed already by the 10.000 BC along with the creation of bread. Sumerian and Egyptian people would have this amazing drink from letting barley bread get fermented in the water. The original beverage was way thicker and kind of more simple that the million options of beers we have nowadays. No matter what type of beer you like, something is sure: it has plenty of health benefits.

Beer is a quite nutritive drink, it has vitamins from the B group, mainly folic acid. Other minerals such as magnesium and calcium can also be found in it. It helps to lower the risk of heart attack by raising the good cholesterol (HDL) levels. A company in Iceland was well aware of all of this benefits. Then, they thought that maybe it could also apply to skin care and relaxing your whole body.

This is why Bjórböðin, this Beer Spa in Iceland was created. It opened on June 2017. The spa has 7 different bath tubs and also some relaxing rooms. You will be able to enjoy a beer bath for a whole hour. If you are a bit shy, do not worry as just one or two people are allowed in each tube even though they can fit up more people.

Beer Spa In Iceland

Anyone can come to have this great beer treatment regardless the age. If you are old enough, you can also have a beer while your skin gets the benefits of being soaked in such beverage. If by the end of the treatment you also get angry, you can head off to their restaurant to have a great meal. Everything that is offered in this place is always related to beer itself, so eating here can also be an interesting experience.

From all of the benefits is causes on skin, exfoliating, smoothing and providing antioxidants are among them. For your mind, it is the relaxation state you get from the beautiful and calm environment this spa is located at.

Beer Spa In Iceland

This is Why You Should Visit A Beer Spa in Iceland

Opening times for the spa are:

Monday – Thursday: 15:00 – 19:00

Friday and Saturday: 11:00 – 21:00

Sunday: 12:00 – 19:00

A single bath cost around 6900 ISK and if you wish to join the outside hot tube then it is 2000 ISK. The Spa is at Ægisgata 621, in Dalvík, North Iceland. Accommodation is also available in the area as well as many other activities besides the spa itself. If you happen to be close to the area, be sure to come by!

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