How to Beat Jet Lag When Traveling to Iceland?

Jet Lag

Traveling is such a great activity! It allows you meet new people, learn about new cultures and taste new food. Traveling probably has more advantages than disadvantages, that is why everyone loves traveling. But the truth is your trip can be ruined by jet lag. If planning on catching a flight soon, be sure to follow our guide on how to beat Jet Lag when traveling to Iceland. It will surely help you enjoy your holidays to the fullest!

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Jet Lag

Jet lag is nothing but a temporary disorder caused by traveling across time zones. Our bodies have a certain daily rhythm, adapted to our daily basis activities and own internal system. It is well known as circadian rhythm. This is the pattern or schedule our body follows to eat, sleep, stay awake and feel energized. It is sort of our internal clock with its own alarms. Traveling rapidly between time zones can totally upset this internal body clock. And the resulting symptoms are what we commonly call “to be jet lagged”. Many people feel exhausted, confused, their sleep is disturbed, stomach problems and constipation.

Most people believe they only get jet lagged mainly on long flights but this is not true. Jet lag is caused by the flight direction and not its duration. It seems like traveling eastward affects travelers way more than those traveling westward. That is because when traveling to the east, you need to readjust and push your habits rather than delaying them. Here you have some ideas to avoid the symptoms:

Before traveling:

Jet Lag

To avoid jet lag when traveling to Iceland, to the extent possible, try to adapt to the Icelandic time. Expose yourself to bright light in the evening if you are coming from the American continent. In the morning if your flight is eastbound. You can also wear sunglasses to control exposure to light, your body reacts to it.

Do not eat spicy food nor hearty meals. When in a flight, your body cannot digest food as fast as it would normally.

During your flight:

Be sure to drink a lot of water. The exhaustion feeling, we get after a flight is directly related to hydration. Your body lose water at a faster rate on a plane. You should then drink a glass of water for every hour spent within a plane. This will prevent tiredness and jet lag when traveling to Iceland

Try to avoid sleeping medication and switch to a more natural option. Bananas have melatotin in them. It is a hormone that regulates our body and control our sleeping cycle. Use eye mask, ear plugs and create the right conditions to feel sleepy and get some rest.

Once in Iceland:

Let’s keep on trying to avoid jet lag when traveling to Iceland. This time, do your best not to sleep if it is daytime here. If you just cannot take it, try to have a short nap of just 30 minutes. I know it may seem difficult but it will help adjusting to your new schedule faster.

Jet Lag

How to Beat Jet Lag When Traveling to Iceland?

Choose your activities wisely, according to the Icelandic time. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the correct Icelandic time and not when you feel hungry. Spend the day outdoors as the daylight helps adjusting quicker.

Before going to bed, consider a hot bath. It will help relaxing your body and having a much deep sleep.

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