Hacks For Motorhome Iceland Camping With Kids

Motorhome Iceland Camping

Camping is one of our favorite activities in Iceland. As our country is all about nature, being close to it and being able to enjoy the landscape is a must. But we got to be honest, if we are traveling with kids, we need way more preparation…those who already have kids do not need further explanation. So here I have some Hacks for motorhome Iceland camping with kids.

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Motorhome Iceland Camping

Children are so full of energy and so eager to discover everything that surrounds them. At the same time, they can get bored easily and not feel comfortable with the environment. In order to avoid stressful situations for our little ones, we need to stop thinking like adults and just take out the tiny child we all got inside.

This Motorhome Iceland Camping article is focused on motorhomes as they come equipped with kitchen and showers. Parents usually choose these type of vehicles to make their life easier. However, many of these tips also apply to campervan or tent camping.

Packing up your stuff:

Kids love to be part of the process. They just cannot help the desire of feeling like a grown up! As we know packing can be complicated and stressful, that is why sometimes we do not let them be part of this process…Error!

  1. Get your child a tiny backpack and tell them to pack basic stuff as:
  • Their own bottle of water
  • Their favorite plush toy
  • A snack
  1. Make a special packing list so your munchkins can participate and feel motivated about their upcoming trip to Iceland. Add simple items they can bring and place into the suitcase with your help. This will give them a sense of responsibility as well.

Motorhome Iceland Camping

Keeping things organized:

When you go motorhome Iceland Camping, you will realize that the vehicles do have a storage space. Do not be overconfident, if you are not organized, everything will soon be a mess. If your kids can get their own stuff, it will be quite helpful to have everything in their own section, let’s say:

  • Clothing bag
  • Toiletry bag
  • Tools and Equipment

Everything can be tagged or if possible, kept in its own zip bags. This makes life so much easier and will hold everything in place. If your little ones decide to dig for something, your storage space will still look neat.

Plan outdoor activities:

Iceland has amazing wild nature. But when motorhome Iceland camping, you cannot disregard the perspective of a child. Long walks can be tiring and they can be impressed for the first five minutes and then…gone.

So why not planning some great outdoors activities while motorhome Iceland camping with kids? Being out in the nature opportunities and so many option to have fun such us:

Motorhome Iceland Camping

Hacks For Motorhome Iceland Camping With Kids

  • Pretend to be a Park Ranger: give them instructions to check the area around and explore!
  • I spy: A classic one! And being in a new place like Iceland, I am sure you will have plenty of thigs to spy on!
  • Map making and guiding: do you already have a trekking planned? Let your kids draw a little map of the area and let them “guide” you! They will feel great and like they are also part of the group.

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