Iceland is a friendly country where you can explore on your own many towns, ports, beaches, cities and natural spots, but there are some places which are worth to visit with an experienced guide for safety seasons and also to get the most of it! That’s why we will make a list with the top Iceland Tours so you know what not to miss.

It’s true that the peak season in Iceland is summer, we will talk about it later, but a winter trip to Iceland is a one in a life experience that everyone should experience.

Iceland Tours

Northern Lights Tour

The most demanded winter tour by far is the Northern lights tour. They take you far away from the cities, in the evening and the tour lasts for about 5 hours. This is usually the easiest way to see the natural wonder, as the guide know where is the best place and time to see them, but don’t forget as a natural spectacle, it’s unpredictable. We recommend to wear warm and waterproof clothes, your camera (make sure you do not run out of battery!) and some hot drink as tea or coffee. Although most companies include some snacks and hot drinks.

This is in my opinion the first one is a top Iceland Tours, as it’s a unique experience that you will not experience anywhere else.

If we talk about summer Iceland Tours, there are plenty of them, but the majority take place in the Highlands, as it’s the only time in the year that this area is open to the public and visitors.

Landmannalaugar Tours

They are one the most famous tours in the Highlands. There you can enjoy the wild life of the country, do some hiking and have a bath in the natural geothermal pools. For the adventurous travellers, here starts the famous Laugavegur hiking trail, would you try?

The tour companies usually pick up the customers from Reykjavik and there are some of them that stop on the way to Landmannalaugar to pick up as well. You can make this tour by bus but there are some companies that offer VIP or tours on jeeps 4×4.

Iceland Tours

Most of the tours are one day excursions and take about 6 hours in Landmannalaugar, but you can always stay there overnight, as there are huts available. Don’t forget to organise and book it in advance.

Thorsmork & Eyjafjallajokull tours

Volcanoes are one if the icons of Iceland, so you can’t miss one of these tours with waterfalls, volcanoes, lava fields and how knows… maybe elves?

Thorsmork valley, named after the Viking god Thor, is a magical placed surrounded by glaciers that will leave you speechless. Nearby we found the volcano Eyjafjallajokull, which became famous when some years ago paralysed summer flights all over Europe when erupting.

This are is full of glacier rivers, so tours are usually conducted on 4×4 jeeps.

Whale Watching Tour

This one is a most on our top Iceland Tours. Whale watching tours usually start from cities located in the North of the island like Husavík. These type of tours offer a restored oak fishing boat for this amazing tripwhere you can observe the Blue Whale at only some metres away.

We really recommend these boat trips, instead the ones from the town. You can book it online  and don’t forget warm clothes!

Iceland Tours

Top Iceland Tours – Discover the Best Tours Available

Askja Tours

This tour usually starts from Mývatn with 4×4 jeeps, as the roads to go there are not at its best condition and we will also need to cross rivers at some points. You will understand that this tour is completely worthy when you get to see the astonishing views of Askja caldera and Viti crater. Again, even if it’s summer, wear warm and water proof clothes, as the altitude makes the temperature fall.

This tour usually takes about 11 hours and can only be made as the previous ones during summer, as the roads are impassable in wintertime.

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