Top 5 Places to Propose – Romantic Iceland

Romantic Iceland

Have you been dreaming of a stunning scenery in which your partner finally says ‘yes’ agreeing to spend the rest of her life with you? You definitely wish it was a perfect moment that you both never forget and can always go back in thoughts to that spot and its remarkable setting. Iceland is possibly one of the best places to make that statement. It offers you not only fabulous and interesting landscapes but due to its uniqueness it still remains on a high position on the list of most original locations to propose. Welcome to the Romantic Iceland!

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My article will mostly be directed to the male part of the readers and its aim is to give you some ideas of where you could bend your knee in front of your better half and finally pop the question. I will talk here about top 5 places to propose in Romantic Iceland.

Romantic Iceland

Northern Lights

 Oh yes, a perfect scenery and not without a reason it is on the first place of our top 5 places to propose list. I believe there is no need to explain how amazing phenomenon it is. You can especially enjoy it and use for your proposal scenery between September and April.

I personally can’t imagine a better place for the proposal. Imagine this, there is just two of you with no one around, far from the tumult of the city, you look at each other and you are able see Iceland’s Northern Lights reflecting in her eyes. That will not only melt your heart but will definitely make you fall on your knees. Beautiful moment and the charm of the Auroras only add to it.

Snaefellsnes península

Why Snaefellsnes? There is much said about this place and always in a good sense and even more, it was long time ago baptized as “Iceland in miniature”. You will be definitely delighted with this place. The peninsula breathes in unbelievable peace and has an unusually mysterious atmosphere. You can find here attractions without a hint. The landscape in fact is extremely diverse and can change like a kaleidoscope. Perfect place to propose in this Romantic Iceland mission!

Romantic Iceland

Vatnajokull glacier

Vatnajokull was just meant to be on a list of top places to propose in our romantic Iceland. Those are the most popular caves located on the south coast of Iceland. The amazing blue color of the caves is the result of the absence of air bubbles which results in the collapse of light waves in the blue and green bands. I can say here and I believe I am not wrong, you have never seen a place like this before! Its phenomenon will only make this moment unique and unforgettable. Proposing after a glacier hike will add charm and extraordinary to this beautiful and such an important occasion.


Thor’s forests, because that’s how in the literal translation one should understand this name, for some is only a mountain ridge and for others a perfect spot to propose. Why? Just imagine yourself and your loved one, after a wonderful trekking through the valley. The excitement of reaching the summit. Now, kneel down and let the amazing surrounding and the soft breeze play the soundtrack for your most romantic and endearing experience.

Romantic Iceland

Top 5 Places to Propose – Romantic Iceland


There are places in the world that make you whisper “beautiful” when you see them. They make you hold your breath for a moment. One of them is Jokulsarlon. Undoubtedly, it is most spectacular glacier. This might be a perfect location for your proposal if you are not entirely sure it will go as on your thoughts. You can only visit this glacier during the winter time so you can imagine it might get a bit chilly out there. If you wish your partner says quickly ‘Yes, I will marry you but take me home now!’ this is a perfect place for a proposal.

Engagement- a moment lasting barely few minutes and often are planned for many months. One of those life events that is always remembered and that can be told to your grandchildren after many years. Make this moment special, choose between many stunning places in Iceland and make her say “yes”. And may the LOVE be with you!

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