Secrets of the Highlands of Iceland – Wild Interior Lands

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Iceland, a wild country born from the rage, anger and fury of the entrails of the earth, it could be anything but ordinary. Centuries of shaping caused the creation of this striking beauty, one could easily think it was directly design by the most talented god of the Vanaheimr. Welcome to the Secrets of the Highlands of Iceland.

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This clash of forces has created many different landscapes, from plain and lightly wavy scenery to the steepest peaks. Many may think this is something they can indeed witness in many other places around the earth and we agree with this statement so, what is so interesting and attractive about Iceland?

Highlands Of Iceland

Iceland is one of Europe’s northernmost countries, quite close to the artic pole. The country and the Silfra fissure lie right between the North American and the Eurasian tectonic plates. This is also known as the mid-Atlantic ridge, which was and is seismologically active. This volcanic area gave birth gradually to an amazing area that does not look like something you may find anywhere else: the Highlands of Iceland.

This area is located in the interior of the island, with a minimum height of 400 meters above the sea level. Due to weather conditions and the volcanic rock being so permeable, it is not suitable for plants to grow. This circumstances create a whole otherworldly look full or black and grayish tones it will make you feel as if you were maybe up in the moon.

If you feel intrigue by the Highlands of Iceland, keep on reading and discover some secret gems hidden in this wild and vast territory:

Highlands Of Iceland

Háifoss: It is one of the highest waterfalls in Iceland with a 120 meters’ water drop. It is close to Hekla, a volcano that now seems to be awakening from its lethargy. Háifoss is present in Iceland folklore and history as seen in the legend related to this waterfall:

“An ogress lived in Háifoss (which name was Fossárfoss before it got its name in 1912). She lived on trout, which she caught in the waterfall. Once a teenage boy travelling with other travelers threw a rock into the river. That night the ogress went to the tent, where the travelers were sleeping, and tried to pull the teenage boy by his legs out of the tent. But his mates pulled him in the other direction by the upper part of his body. After a lot of tussle, the ogress let the boy go and went away, but the boy was bedridden for a whole month from this maltreatment”. (Translated from the Folklore of Jón Árnason).

The moral of the story, if you happen to visit this waterfall in the Highlands of Iceland, is to refrain from throwing rocks. No one knows when or against who will arise the wrath of the ogress, you have been warned!

Highlands Of Iceland

Secrets of the Highlands of Iceland – Wilds Interior Lands

Hveravellir: Its name translates to “The hot spring fields”. It is a complete oasis amidst bleak and dry lands. One of the most beautiful geothermal area in the whole wide world. It creates amazing steam pillars that come from its boiling water, magnificent colors of the area complement this picturesque scene.

Aldeyjarfoss: Another great waterfall. Its beautiful and powerful white drop contrast with the greyish tone of the basaltic columns that surround the waterfall.

Now that you have discover this secrets of the Highlands of Iceland, be aware that only those who have a 4×4 car can drive there.

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