Best 5 Recommendations For a Southern Iceland Visit

Southern Iceland Visit

The South of Iceland is one of the most popular places for visitors in our country. The reason is there are several pearls concentrated in this place. Some of them can be a great representation of what Iceland has to offer. Of course nature is right in the spotlight, but there are also other activities to remark. stay to check some tips for your Southern Iceland visit.

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Reykjavik City is the capital of Iceland and it is situated in the southwestern of the country. It bursts with activities and several offers for whoever visits it. If you only have a few days to visit this beautiful country, I recommend you to stick to a Southern Iceland visit.

Southern Iceland Visit

1. Make sure you are well equipped

The first thing to start your adventure is to make sure you are carrying everything you need; you should be well equipped. Wearing the right clothing guarantees you a cozy and comfortable way to enjoy the activities you planned. There are nice shops where you can buy waterproof and thermal items if needed.

I also recommend you to rent a vehicle, so you do not have to waste your time depending on public transportation. This way you can plan your Southern Iceland visit in such a way you do not miss a thing. There are many local companies you can check before coming to Iceland.

Regarding the accommodation, I would opt for Reykjavik City, the capital is the best option. It can be your base of headquarters for your Southern Iceland visit!

2. Taste the Icelandic gastronomy

Iceland is known for its fish and lamb. You should never leave Iceland without tasting our traditional dishes. They are really fresh and I promise hardly found anywhere else!

The salted cod “Saltfiskur”, the dried fish “Harðfiskur”, the horse meat, our well known hot dogs (made with lamb meat), sheep´s head “Svið”, the meatsoup “Kjötsúpa”, etc. Many restaurants in Reykjavik offer traditional Icelandic dishes in their menu.

Southern Iceland Visit

3. Enjoy the nature

Iceland is totally connected with nature and that is what attracts most visitors. You have many nature gems in the region and easily reachable. Some of those I would not miss:

  • Skógafoss: A beautiful, breathtaking waterfall.
  • Geysir and Gullfoss: Geysir situated in the Haukadalur Valley with hot springs that erupt every 10 minutes where you can feel the steam rising from the cracked ground. Gullfoss is right next to it, it is an impressive waterfall.
  • Seljalandsfoss: Another great waterfall, in Iceland we have plenty of them!
  • Vatnajökull National Park: It is a very large park full of surprises. The landscape is just so picturesque you will love it.

It also englobes the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon – It looks like heaven on earth with beautiful views. Depending on the season you are visiting the South of Iceland, you can go for a boat trip. If you have the opportunity to do so, be sure to book in advance.

4. Check the history culture

There are nice exhibitions and interesting museums in the South of Iceland:

  • Skogar Exhibition: Three museums in one building! I really love heading there whenever I can. It is like a representation of a small town with a church, houses, transportation, a museum, a boat, etc. I think it is the best way to see and feel the history of Southern Iceland.
  • Eldheimar: It is focused on the 1973 volcanic eruption placed in Vestmannaeyjar, I think it is very interesting to see, because it was the worst natural disaster in Iceland.

Southern Iceland Visit

Best 5 Recommendations For a Southern Iceland Visit

5. Involve yourself with the Icelanders

The cultural life in Southern Iceland is very rich, there are many art events, different type of live music concerts, community centers where Icelanders play games and have fun. Another way of involving yourself with the locals is going out for a drink at our clubs.

We usually go out on the weekends, Icelanders start their nightlife at midnight and clubs close around 5 am. Do not worry about this crazy schedules, Iceland is very safe!

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