Top Beautiful Hiking Routes Near Reykjavik

Hiking Routes Near Reykjavik

Iceland’s main strength as a touristic destination is undoubtedly its nature. The island was formed by the mixed of powerful forces of nature. The amazing result is out there waiting to be discover. And what could be better than to have a walk through such landscapes? If you are hiking lover on a tight schedule, here you have the Top Beautiful Hiking Routes Near Reykjavik!

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Hiking Routes Near Reykjavik

Not many people are lucky enough to have loads of days to enjoy Iceland across and through. This does not mean your chances of enjoying Icelandic nature are none. The country is full of amazing places basically everywhere! Even close to the capital city, Reykjavik. For this article, we have chosen the Top Beautiful Hiking Routes Near Reykjavik. Most of them are not difficult for people used to walking and hiking.


It is about 42km away from Reykjavik. This hot spring thermal area is amazing in every sense. The hike is around 8 km long and has a moderate difficulty. It is because some areas are completely uphill so be sure you are used to hiking and long walks.

If you feel like giving up after walking up the mounting, just do not. You will encounter an amazing valley with spring water running through. After a long tiring route, you will be able to bath in its hot river. The bathing area is great, relaxing and not too deep. We would recommend bringing some food and beverages to enjoy while bathing. Your batteries will get reloaded for the way back!


This one also has a moderate difficult rating. Esja is a mount about 15km away from Reykjavik city. As it is quite close to the capital this is a Top Beautiful Hiking Routes Near Reykjavik. Probably one of the most visited and best known hiking trails in the area.

Hiking Routes Near Reykjavik

The top of this mountain is about 914 meters high. The views it offers of Reykjavik are just stunning. Depending on the season you come, beware the slopes and the snow. Check beforehand if crampons are needed or not. If you do not happen to have a rental car, you can use public transportation. Bus number 15 departs from Hlemmur bus station in Reykjavik.

Glymur Waterfall

This Nature Reservation area is one-hour way from Reykjavik. This old glory is in our Top Beautiful Hiking Routes Near Reykjavik for a reason. It used to be the tallest waterfall in Iceland. Yet, it changed when Morsi was discovered in Morsarjokull glacier. In conclusion, a second place is not bad at all! And we promise the effort is absolutely worth it. Hiking Glymur would take about 2 hours and a half. This of course, depends on how long you plan your route to be. In addition, shorter routers are also available.

The beginning of the trail is actually easy and enjoyable. Also,do not be fooled, it gets a bit more difficult later on! A cave will welcome you and…river crossing! You would need to walk on a log set as a bridge. This is indeed a great adventure!

Hiking Routes Near Reykjavik

Top Beautiful Hiking Routes Near Reykjavik


It is a mountain in Hafnarfjörður. Beware that this is not the mount in the Snæfellsnes peninsula. This is a total different place! the mountain in Snæfellsnes is where the spirit of those who lived an honorable life. According to the Nordic mythology, this was a place for comfort and an afterlife refuge for the soul.

Our hiking point is closer, just 18km from Reykjavik. The hiking trail is 17km long and has a medium difficulty rate. The mountain is about 340 meters tall and the views are amazing. No wonder why, it is in a fiord formed in the late ace age!

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