Bear This In Mind If You Rent a Car In Iceland – Amazing Savings

Rent A Car In Iceland

In my personal opinion to Rent a Car In Iceland is essential when planning to visit the island. This is a country known for its landscape, there are many places to explore. Even though the island is not huge, such places can be quite remote. Sometimes there are only two ways of reaching them. One would be by a private tour, which is quite expensive. And the other is doing so by your own, so I would say renting a car is the clever option.

Best car rental in Iceland

Rent A Car In Iceland

What makes Iceland special is the fact that many areas are uninhabited. The untouched nature is there at its rawest. My beautiful and wild country has not been fully exploited. Do not get surprised if you find that public transportation does not cover certain areas. To Rent a Car In Iceland is easy but make sure you choose the one that suits you better according to your planning. Not every road is meant for every type of car. Remember that in Iceland there are several types!

Do not be afraid about driving in Iceland, is not as crazy as people make it look like. You just have to be careful and be aware of where you are. The good thing is that there is barely heavy traffic, you can drive many kilometers without crossing a single car.

Choose the best option

Things you must consider:

2WD or 4WD

It would depend on the roads you are planning to drive through and the season of the year. F Roads are open in the summertime. Only 4WD are allowed to drive through them. These are tough mountain roads, be sure to check their conditions. I would also recommend a 4WD car during the winter time as you will be driving through icy and gravel roads. If you are taking main roads, such the Ring Road you will be fine with a 2WD vehicle.

Automatic or manual transmission

Choose the transmission you are used to drive with, remember the weather condition is totally different from what you are probably used to. Vehicles in Europe are mainly manual, so they are usually cheaper.

Rent A Car In Iceland


To Rent a Car In Iceland I would totally add a full insurance package; the weather is totally unpredictable. Sand storms are quite common in southern Iceland. Also, damages caused by rocks and gravel are very common. Getting your windshield covered is a life saver. Bear in mind repairs in Iceland can be quite expensive. It is an island and sometimes material is imported from mainland Europe.

After considering these circumstances, be sure to check local Icelandic companies, most of them have great deals.

Here some tips

  • Check the road conditions when you wake up in the morning and before getting on the road. They are sometimes cut off because of bad weather. Having a Route B is always a good idea, mainly in the winter time. Also, not only because roads can be closed but just to be sure of the conditions you might find along the way.
  • Make sure you bring extra clothing, blankets, and a raincoat in the trunk, because the weather in Iceland changes constantly and it is quite unstable. That would be quite helpful it if you get wet or cold in the tough weather. It would be nice to check the daily forecast before starting your adventure.
  • Drive with the tank full of fuel. There can be many kilometers between stations, so I would always fill it up when possible. It would be convenient to check ahead where the gas stations are.

Rent A Car In Iceland

Bear This In Mind If You Rent a Car In Iceland – Amazing Savings

  • Beware the animals on the road, especially with sheeps and horses. Keep in mind they wander freely and cross roads. Please pay extra attention, they usually move out of the roads when they see traffic coming. If they decide not to, reduce your speed and just honk!
  • Stop by the road side, not right in the middle. It is normal to get excited with the landscape. Everyone wants a wonderful picture of unbelievable spots and sometimes we do not realize it can be a dangerous decision. Believe me, it is quite common among visitors and travelers. Talking about taking pictures, remember to bring a memory card with enough capacity!

To Rent a Car In Iceland is just as important as reserving a hotel room. Just remember to keep in mind the tips posted and don´t forget to enjoy the land and drive safely!

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