Gas Stations in Iceland, How Do They Work?

Gas Stations In Iceland

Are you planning a road trip through Iceland? Either by camper, motorhome or car, there is one thing you should be aware of: gas stations are quite different one from each other! But do not worry, you will find here all the useful info you may need: how do gas stations in Iceland work?

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Gas Stations Iceland

The first thing you need to know is that both gasoline and diesel are widely available around the country. When driving along the coastline or any other main roads, there will be a gas station every few kilometers. Olís, N1, Atlansolia, are some of the gas stations in Iceland. However, this changes when it comes about the Highlands.

If you are getting ready for a Highland drive, make sure that your vehicle has 4×4 capabilities. Rental companies are very strict about this; otherwise their 2WD cars would suffer a lot. Gas stations are not as frequent as when driving on main roads, so try to fill your tank up if you have the chance. At least make sure that you have enough fuel for a 250km drive.

The Highlands are an inhospitable area and almost nobody lives around there, consequently the gas stations have no employees. The only thing you will find at one of these gas stations is a pump and a card machine. You will need to put your card in, type your PIN code, the amount of fuel and take the pump. Once you have refilled the car, just put your card in again to get the receipt.

Gas Stations Iceland

In the event of lack of a PIN card, we suggest buying a prepaid card at any gas station. These cards are to be used up to a certain amount at their own gas stations, so you better make sure you will find several of these gas stations along the way.

If you find out that there will not be a gas station in a while or even if you want to get ready for harsh weather, then, choose “fill up tank”. If you pay by debit card, the machine will take about 25.000 ISK from your card, so never forget to put it back once the tank is full. By doing this, you will recover the difference between what you have refilled and what you have paid. If you use a credit card, you will get an amount blocked, but some days after, the charge in your account will just be for the amount you got.

Gas Stations Iceland

Gas Stations in Iceland, How Do They Work?

At some places, you can either refill the car by yourself or have it filled up by a guy. Notice that this mainly happens in Reykjavik, and that you will have to give him/her a tip.

Gas stations in Iceland have also a special meaning for Icelanders, as it is a place where they usually gather round. This is mainly because you can easily find them as if they were a regular store at some towns. You can either have a hot dog, a hot drink, something to eat or buy some souvenirs!

Do not forget to check the fuel prices before you come, as they are constantly changing.

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